First Time traveller!? HELP!

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    Hello, my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Europe this year around October. It would be our 5th year together but we're not sure on which city to visit the best. Im thinking of London and Paris for a week, or maybe Rome and Venice? how's the weather like in October? and how much do you think we will need to visit these cities?
  2. october is my favorite time to travel and a great time to visit these cities! these cities are all very expensive - depending on how you travel, you can spend it all or hardly spend anything if you're vigilant.

    one thing to keep in mind: hotel rooms in europe are much smaller than in the u.s., specially tourist class hotels. i usually stay in high-end boutique hotels when i travel - you can score good deals on the web. my favorite in london is the 41 hotel (the staff know your name) and the mews suite at the pelham hotel.
  3. OK, we've finally decided to stay in Rome and Paris...but now i'm wondering if its cheaper to take the train or the bus to Paris for a day ?
  4. paris is too far to daytrip from rome. you can do it from london, though.
  5. Hi there. I went for a european tour last year October which included rome, paris, venice, switzerland, london, and florence. If you're going to venice and rome, the weather would be in the 80's. Very nice time of the year. Here are my suggestions for both cities:

    Rome-Go to the Vatican, on sundays, you may catch a glimpse of the pope I think noon. See the pieta, go inside the forum although for a fee, see villa borghese if you like art, make sure you see the city both day and night. The spanish steps, piazza navona, and trevi fountain are very nice at night. Take a day trip to pisa if time allows. try chicanti wine.

    Venice- gondola ride is a must although can be considered a tourist trap. Buy authentic venetian mask, I cannot remember where exactly but when you see somebody making a mask inside the store that's a good sign. See venice both day and night as well, totally different experience. Eat prosciuto with melon and special nougat, delish. Just so you know the bridge of sighs is under renovation so the pics would not be as nice. Make sure see the rialto bridge. Eat at one of the local cafes.

    In terms of money, it depends if you're going to buy a lot of things and how long you'll be there. A dinner for two can go for $100. A bottle of water can go for $3-5. The taxi ride to rome from airport can be expensive since it is far from the city. Just bring a lot of cash;)

    Enjoy your trip and take lots of pics!
  6. If you only have a week to travel, you should do either London and Paris or Rome and Venice due to the distance. It'd be too far to take a day trip to Paris from Rome. We took the night train from Florence to Paris and that ended up being over 9 hours. From Rome, it'd take even longer than that. If you really want to visit Paris, you can always use a budget airline like easyjet and fly to Paris or have it as a connecting flight stop. Most airlines don't have a direct flight to Italy from the US (if that's where you are) so they make connecting stops in either London, Paris, or Amsterdam. You can choose Paris as you connecting stop and choose the option with the longest layover time (sometimes can be up to a day) and tour the city that way. The perks are that you won't need to worry about your baggage and it's a free ride. I haven't been to Rome yet so I can't speak for how much there is to do there but I'd suggest staying in Paris for 3 days and Rome for 4. There's so much to see in Paris, especially if it's your first time that can't be accomplished in a day trip.

    Personally out of the two choices I would go with Rome and Venice. When we were in Italy, we did Venice and Florence. Venice is gorgeous and unlike any other city. One of the things that make it special is that there are no cars on the main island and the amazing scenery. We stayed on one of the smaller islands and took the ferry every morning. The ride was very enjoyable and refreshing. You can see most of the main stuff in about 3-4 days. Definitely try the gelatti. We had one every day while in Italy :biggrin:
  7. I agree.

    If it is your first time, you don't want to go to too many places. London and Paris are very livable for me, I almost consider them second homes. But if you want to be charmed, go to Italy. You can try around Italy for cheap on regional trains. There are many trains a day from all the major cities. The train stations usually stop in the city centers. You can sightsee in the smaller cities for a day or two and see everything.

    Rome to Florence is only 4 hours by regional train, or 2 hours highspeed.

    I would go to some of the smaller cities. They are more charming. Venice, Verona, Siena, etc. Just make a loop with the train.

    Be sure to book in advance if you want to visit the Vatican. I don't plan far enough in advance so I have never seen the inside.
  8. October is a wonderful time to travel. Fewer tourists. It is a little cooler, but not cold.
  9. If you want to go to London/Paris, it is easy to go to both via Eurostar. It's faster and sometimes cheaper than flying (cheaper if you go during off hours and book in advance. Also, the EU Eurostar site is cheaper than the American site. (Choose Belgium, English.)

    Where you choose should also depend on your budget. Paris is quite expensive. From my observations, Paris has the most expensive hotels (well, maybe besides Japan). London is close behind.

    Venice is probably the most expensive Italian city (well, based on what I've seen). Rome is hit or miss, cheap hotels can be very dodgy.