first time to put my LV's on here..

  1. I just took the picture to share with your girls! Thanks for giving me a lots of advices, here are my lv purses, I love them so much:love: !
    P2100086.jpg P2100095.jpg P2070013.jpg P2070011.jpg
  2. they are lovely, congrats!!! xx
  3. Love the crescent shape!!!!!!!!!
  4. Beautiful! :heart:
  5. nicenice
  6. Gorgeous bag!
  7. Thank you ladies!!!
  8. Great choices!
  9. Very nice. Congrats.
  10. they are lovely, congrats!
  11. Very nice!
  12. They are great! Congrats!
  13. They're are very nice. Enjoy them!
  14. Congratulations! You are Too Cute!
  15. Lovely....and they look beautiful on you!