First time to LV forum on tPF

  1. Hi! This is my first time here at this forum and you girls are fun! Can I ask a couple of LV questions?

    1) Why did the BH and BV went down in price?

    2) What looks good with the Black Epi St Tropez? Thanks!
  2. Welcome to tPF!!! I hope you enjoy your stay here! ;)

    What exaclty do you mean in the second question? Are you talking about clothing or accessories?
  3. Welcome!
    The first question is hard to answer actually, LV is random in their actions sometimes.
    As for the second question, lots of things will look good with it especially since it is black in color. You'll be able to match up just about anything with it, clothing or accessories-wise.
  4. Yes-clothing. What do you wear with your black st tropez? Is it more casual or dress up? Thanks John.
  5. Welcome the LV forum
  6. I actually asked 2 SA's one time on why the Bagtinolles family went down and their answer:

    " perhaps they figured out a cheaper way to make it"


    "Since the Dentelle came out, they wanted to lower the price.."

  7. #1 - for us living outside the US, it happens all the time, depends on the forex rate

    #2 - anything! it's such a classic versatile bag!
  8. :yes: i just found out i got my speedy cheaper slightly compare to if i had purchase it 1-2 year ago :p

    epi is great with both work and jeans clothings :heart:.