First time to get a Tano

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  1. Hi,

    I wanted to get a Tano bag for my daughter who is going to University in a few months time. I have no idean what design might best suit her needs. This bag is for her school use. MHB is having a sale and would like to order the bag before end sale.

    Thanks for any suggestion.

  2. Hi there!

    I adore my 'dangerous indeed' bag for school... I can fit my laptop in it as well as books and papers. The straps and size of the bag are adjustable and it's very comfortable! It also has a wide base which keeps the bag structured and it doesn't flop over when you're trying to put papers in it or what not.

    I highly recommend it and I have a reveal thread about it if you want to see more pics!

    This thread is from the first time I bought the bag: it wasn't the color I wanted so I returned it, but I couldn't stop thinking about it and I bought it a second time LOL: this reveal is super long but my pics are in there somewhere lol
  3. What a nice Mom you are!

    I think TygerKitty's idea sounds perfect, especially since she uses it for that very thing.
  4. I had a Dangerous Indeed although I sold it, but I agree that it would be a great bag for school...

    And I do not think they are on sale, but one can never go wrong with a Boogie IMO!

    Let us know what you decide!!
  5. I would say a boogie. Though I doubt that you could go wrong with any Tano bag. I use my boogie to carry my school books, binders, and laptop in and still have room for my wallet and phone. It's sturdy, durable, comfy to carry, and super cute.
  6. I would have to agree with the Dangerous Indeed!
  7. I would have to agree with the Boogie!
  8. Maybe Dangerous Indeed? I don't think you could have a problem with either choice though!
  9. Have shown the picture of Dangerous Indeed but she didn't like it. So i might be getting one for myself later on. Thanks for everyone advice.

    By the way, Tano has so many different leathers. Which is the best excluding shinny leather?

  10. I love the Bella leather, tumbleweed and chamois. Does the bag need to hold a laptop or not?
  11. I think the "best" totally depends on your personal preference! Some ladies are 100% crunch/lux lovers...others love the other leathers and don't care for crunch...others just love it all...

    I have crunch/lux, nebula, plush, chopper, tumbleweed and bella...and I love them all, but all are different...
  12. I agree with Deb... I'm a 'love them all' kind of girl! I couldn't even tell you how many different leathers I own!
  13. Received email informing that additional 20% discount. Asked my daughter again and she chose Edgy Out There. It is Bella leather. A big bag.

  14. What color!? It will be lovely!
  15. Yay! I looooooove my Edgy Out There!! Can't wait to hear what your daughter thinks of the bag!