First Time Suspension Restriction ??

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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes for something like the above to be lifted?

    I had my account suspended and from what I read it is due to spamming ~ since you can't reach anyone by phone, email or faxing if this happened to you how long is the whole process? They really on very very vague on all of this and everything sent to you is generic


  2. I think you have to wait 7 days and then contact them and you have to sign a form saying you wont do it again and then they'll reinstate you
  3. 7-14 days usually. Try talking to live help.
  4. Thanks to you both. I have tried and no one came on. Bad timing? I don't know. I did send them what they wanted but have not heard a word. Just would be nice to know how long ~ some sort of info on penaltys or suspension's not just hanging. What a way to run a business! I never really had a reason to get ahold of them before and this system needs some serious upgrading. No real people to call. Oh well. I am getting other things done which is not a complete loss.