First time someone comments (not compliment) on my bag

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  1. ...a little background....Both my husband and i work full time and we get paid very well (him a lot better than me :P)...we own our house, and besides the mortgage we have no debt what so ever.....But I'm a couponer, I love the thrill of saving......I'm not extreme but I've been known to cut down my grocery bills to half :lol:, and you can bet I'm proud of myself for that...........

    Last night at the supermarket a few of the coupons needed manager approval before they can be rung through, as we're waiting I reached for my Speedy and pulled out my Hermes wallet to get my credit card ready.........the lady behind me gave me a look and said quiet loudly..."I don't understand people like you, if you can afford that bag and that wallet why do you have to waste everyone's time with your coupons."....I was so stunned by her comment that it took me a minute to collect myself......I could feel my cheeks getting hot from embarrsement.......the manager came by and rung the coupons through. The whole time I was waiting I was thinking I've done nothing wrong. These coupons are there for people to use, I didn't feel like I was wasting anyone's time. I waited in line like everyone else for my turn to pay. I finally worked up enough courage to give her a reply as I was leaving.....I said I can afford the bag and the wallet cuz I coupon, and maybe you should try it sometime.....

    ...I'm still a little stunned by the whole entire incident.....I think I'm going to switch to my cole haan or something the next time I go grocery shopping.....or maybe I should just give up couponing.......

    ...sorry for the long vent....if you got here thanks for listening/reading....
  2. You should have reported her comments to the manager while s/he was there ringing through the coupons. That's what I'd have done, before leaving my groceries, walking away and telling her I'd take my business elsewhere. Totally inappropriate and rude. Pathetic!

  3. You misunderstood, it wasn't the clerk that was rude. If it was the clerk, I would have left. It was the lady waiting behind me. Sorry I wasn't clear.
  4. Don't let her get to you, and don't go out of your way and change your bag/ wallet because of one persons ignorant comment. I remember standing in line for 29 minutes while a lady did price matching for every grocery item she was buying....instead of being rude, I envied her and complimented her. I'm such in a rush to get in and out of a grocery store I forget to check ads and coupons. I need to get better at that.
  5. Don't change what you do. Why let them win?
  6. Sorry, I've just noticed that! I didn't read it properly. That is so rude, still! Imagine saying that to someone, much less a total stranger.
  7. Don't let some random stranger in the grocery line bring you down because she's jealous of your bag. I wonder if she would have a similar comment for someone holding up the line to pay by check rather than swiping a card (annoying, yes, but we have many retirees in my community and they like checks so I thought of it). It's not like you pulled out food stamps or were making the clerk take items off your bill because you couldn't afford them. And really, who's to say your bag wasn't a generous gift? People need to learn to mind their own business.
  8. Don't change your bag and don't stop couponing. Ignore people like this, they aren't worth your time or energy.
  9. Your response was spot on wonderful! Having a nice bag, accessories, clothes, shoes, ect Doesn't mean you shouldn't save if & when you can! You shouldn't change your wallet or handbag next time you go grocery shopping, you should wear them proudly while busting our your coupons, again proudly. It is not your fault that you are smart & save when you can, it's her fault for not doing so herself ;)
  10. aww im sorry that this happened to you.. theres so many "haters" and evil ppl in this world..but dont let her ignorant comment bother you she doesn't know you or who you are..and plz dont give up on couponing bc thats more money saved to invest on another bag :smile:
  11. That's a real bummer! Just ignore people like that.
  12. Seriously that was really b***** of that lady to say what she said to you. I'm so sorry this happened to you:sad:
  13. Thanks ladies for the support.....I just felt a little self concious after her comment.....I never felt what I was doing was wrong, but it did make me feel selfish for holding up the line......
  14. People are impatient and rude...simple as that. My God, what would she have thought of the little old lady who refuses to own a debit card and still writes checks (my grandma). There are many things that can take up more time than you'd like but it's part of shopping at the grocery store and living in a world that doesn't evolve around you. I guess she wouldn't be the type of person to let that mom with the screaming kid with two things in her cart check out before her either. It's really easy to be a jerk. People should try just a couple times a day to shut their mouth and do something for someone else. What a huge difference it would make.

    I'm sorry OP. Do not let that poor excuse of a jealous (insert choice word here) bother you. Carry your bag and wallet with pride. Some people just can't stand to see class and luxury together. I promise that your coupons were not her problem.
  15. Good for you! What a rude lady to say that to you. People need to keep rude comments to themselves!