first time skydiving


if you had the chance to go skydiving, would you?

  1. yes! how fun

  2. no never!

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  1. im going skydiving for the first time on thursday and i am super excited, :tup: has anyone ever been? what were your experiences like? if you have never gotten the urge to go, why not?
  2. I have not been yet, but I am going in August for my 35th b-day! I can't wait! Please tell us how it goes on Thursday!
  3. Yup, I went once (tandem) - I was an orientation leader in grad school and they took all the leaders on a surprise outing and it was to go skydiving! When they told us where they were taking us several people refused but in the end we all did it. It's amazing!!! Once you pull the chute and you're floating up there, I just remember how quiet and peaceful it was (a contrast to the thrill of jumping out of the plane, all that adrenaline). You'll never forget it!
  4. Yeah I think I would. Not anytime soon though. But some time before I expire.
  5. Good Luck!!! Definetly let us knwo all about it. I could never do it as I have a crazy fear of heights and falling. When I am even near a high place I feel like I need to lay on the ground and my heart starts beating erratically basically I freak out, lol, not cool.
  6. I voted for "yes" but I've done it already. I was soooo excited. My ears popped really bad though and it just felt like someone was beating me up on the way down from all the wind, so I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Still, it was a great adrenaline rush and I'm glad I got to try it.

    First I'd have to get over my fears of flying, heights and the dreaded thoughts like "was the guy who packed my chute sober at the time?" THEN, someone would have to shove me outta the plane, and he best be stronger than I am.

    But my brother Mike did it in the Army and said he had a ball. But he's the crazy one out of all of us.
  8. No way, I would be too chicken!
  9. I have always wanted to do this. Never got to it when I was younger and now I have two small children and well.....
  10. I went along with my brother (I gave him the skydiving as part of his 21st birthday present) and loved it! I am usually scared of heights, but except for the actual jumping out of the plane, it doesn't seem like you're going that fast. Kind of hard to describe - but I would definitely recommend:smile:
  11. I did it 2 years ago! The worst part was standing in the airplane door, right before you jump and looking down 14,000 feet. I was too terrified to really enjoy it. I want to do it again because now I know what to expect.
  12. there is only 2 more days and the excitement is being to be controlled by my nervous. some friends of mine are putting bad thoughts in my head and others are being supportive.

    thanks for the good vibes from the people here who have done it :smile:
  13. I've bungeed off the 2nd highest platform in the world and there is NO WAY I'm jumping out of a plane. But thanks for asking!!!!! lol!~~
  14. I have no desire to leap to my death from 10 thousand feet.
  15. I would love to skydive though I must admit the initial step out of the plane would be the hardest...hope you have a great time let us know how you go.