First time shopping in Europe

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  1. So it’s been years since I have shopped in Europe. My sister is going to Europe next week and volunteered to help me with a Chanel purchase! But, she’s flying into London, then taking the train to Paris, then flying into venice, train to Florence then Rome, where she’ll fly home via a layover in Munich.

    1) Which stop has the best Chanel selection? I’m actually only looking for a caviar zip coin purse.
    2) for VAT return, whats the process and which airport does she do it from? Rome or Munich?

    Any other advice/tips will be appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. I have only been to Paris out of those cities, but I think I visited at least 5 Chanel boutiques in Paris, maybe six, but I lost count :biggrin:

    The selection was amazing in Paris. Between my friend and myself, we bought bags, slg’s, jewelry and shoes. We found everything and more than we were looking for.

    As far as the VAT refund process, it needs to be done at the last airport before leaving the EU.
    Make sure she has all the items she is requesting a refund for are in her possession, not in checked baggage, as the Customs Officer may ask to see the items.
  3. Rue Cambon Chanel.
  4. I was just all over Europe the last two weeks. Paris has the best selection, as their stock changes daily. And the 19 Rue Cambon store and the 31 Rue Cambon store both will offer to ring up the price minus the VAT, and give you paperwork to submit at the airport of the LAST European city you are exiting from.