First time selling on ebay?!?!?!

  1. HELP!!!! I have so many questions about selling on eBay. I'm feeling a bit nervous for so many reasons especially after reading alot of the posts about eBay.
    My questions are:
    Will I get many bidders since this will be my first sale( my feedback score is zero but I'm paypal verified)?
    Is there a way to tag my item so no one can do a bait and switch.
    Should I allow returns?

    Also have any of you ever sold Marc Jacob how is the market for this brand? Should I price it at retail or below? TIA...
  2. I find eBay fickle overall, haha. I do honestly feel that before you list a big ticket item you should bid on a few items to get some feedback scores. I know I would never bid on anything form a new seller with no marks just because when people get suspended from ebay they open new accounts. Being paypal verified is ok, but it really doesnt enhance your ebay experience, you need feedback.

    Also you never know how many watchers you will get, I have had small amounts of watchers and then you just get 2 people that go in to a bidding war, or you will have tons of watchers and no bids. You just never know with ebay. I dont allow returns, I give alot of info in the auction and take lots of pics, but that is your option. I just wouldnt trust that the package would get back to me etc. so its easier for me to not do returns.

    If you can build up your score a bit, and sell it in the end of Aug beg. of September. I do feel the summer is a bit slow now, unless what you have is a limited piece.

    Good luck, and remember to get a signature when you ship-that is mandatory, and only sell to Confirmed paypal accounts (different from verified).
  3. Thanks for replying so quickly, I need all the help I can get as I want to try to avoid all the pitfalls of ebay(well most
    I'm not sure if may item is limited but I don't see them often, It's a white MP. Should I give it a test run and list it to see what happens? There are no charges if my item doesn't sell right?
  4. yes, there are charges involved with listing the bag, even if it doesn't sell...the fees vary depending on which features you pick...
  5. i wouldn't buy to someone with no feedback either and am cautious of selling to them. i bid on someone's items that were NWT's pics were great but she had a reserve and a $400 item bid out at like $80. i think that was because of low FB. so, try selling small items and buy other items to build yours up.
  6. I'd agree with the above posts. Do you have anything around the house you could sell first (clothes, kids stuff, ornaments etc). This would help you in a few ways:

    1. Build up positive feedback. People may be happy buying cheap items from a low feedback seller, but not risking higher amounts of money.

    2. You will learn what to do / what not to do when being a seller in the best way - on the job! Since starting selling (I've been listing about 15 things a week for a year now), I've learned so much, and things that I could not learn from reading books etc

    3. You will learn things like, how to be protected when using Paypal, what scams are going on (like the Nigerian scam when they send you a fake paypal email looking like they've paid to make you ship).

    Finally, if you can wait a little while, the summer isn't a good time to sell on ebay. Usually people are on holiday, out in the sunshine etc, rather than bidding on their computer. I've found September / October to be much more lucrative!

    If you don't have anything to sell, maybe you could buy a few things, this will give you the buyer's perspective on what is good / what is not when selling on ebay.

    Good luck!
  7. Thank you so much dcgal, that was very helpful:tup:. THE NIGERIAN SCAM:wtf: Good lord I'm scarred all over again. You're right and I will start out small. You have given me alot of things to think about:sweatdrop:,
    Thanks again!!!!!
  8. I just attempted selling for the first time, I listed it twice, and it was unsold both times. I have to pay for the ebay fees twice too! =(
  9. They have 20 cent listing days...actually there hasn't been one in awhile now that I think about it? and those reduced FVFs are a load of carp.

    But, my expensive items I wait to list on till the 20 cent listing days. The market is usually overly saturated on those days (usually the third thursday of the month) but if it's a killer item it doesn't matter.