First time seller on ebay. Need advice

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  1. Hello guys, I am planning to sell a few of my barely used bags on ebay. Of course they are all authentic, however this is my first time selling on ebay. I plan to price my bags very reasonably because I dont intend to run this as a business, its just so I can sell a few bags to make room/fund new purses. Id love for someone to get these bags for a good , fair price. What are my chances of selling if I have no selling history. I have not bought much stuff from ebay either. Well I know when I did buy from ebay it was from someone who has a good selling history. Any advice? Thanks!!
  2. I do not buy from anyone that doesn't have feedback. I say wait until you have made 15+ transactions before selling anything on ebay. This will also help you get familiar with how the site works. (Do not make 15 purchases of the same item or anything screwy to inflate your feedback, because buyers are smart enough to click around and check you out.)

    You could try listing at some of the newer auction sites instead if you are needing to make money quickly. Having smaller feedback at those sites is more common. Whatever items you end up listing, provide lots of pictures so buyers can confirm authenticity on their own.
  3. Thank you so much . Just so new at this so this gives me some confidence:smile:)
  4. You mention your lack of selling history but not your buying history. Do you have a zero-feedback or have you accumulated a few transactions as a buyer? You chances with no feedback are low because (a) buyers are weary of purchasing expensive designer bags from zero- or low-feedback sellers, (b) fBay will impose a 30-day restriction on you if you're selling brands commonly faked (LV, Chanel, Gucci, MJacobs...). You might be able to relist an item if it doesn't sell--once. If you try to relist it again, fBay won't let you. In addition, PayFoe will hold your money from sales for 21 days unless you can provide confirmation that the buyer received the item or the buyer leaves positive feedback.
  5. I have zero feedback as seller but have very good feedback as a buyer. Do you think this will help? Or should I try bonanzle?
  6. How many transactions you have as a buyer?
  7. I have 5 transactions 3 of which are purses in the last 2 months.
  8. I have always made immediate payments and sellers have all given me good recomendations.
  9. ^ Unfortunately, none of that will matter. Even at 100% feedback from the sellers, no disputes, etc., you don't have enough transactions to avoid the restrictions and limits. I think the number is 50 or 100 transactions...I can't remember. The same happened to me after I closed my oldest fBay account, because it got messed up due to an fBay mistake and I got sick and tired of the problems, and started using a newer account with much lower feedback. Again, it depends on the brands, too. In addition, you need 10 transactions in order to set up a BIN price, if that's something you were planning on doing.

    I would list an item on both fBay (auction style) and Bonanzle and see how it goes.
  10. Wow!! I had no idea..Yeah I realized that it was difficult to establish yourself as a seller, but this does seem like quite a task. thank you so much I will try bonanzle or fbay.
  11. If I were you, I would read all the instructions about selling on fBay, PayFoe and Bonanzle, so that you kinda know what you're doing before you list and so that you can avoid common mistakes and be prepared if something goes wrong. If you do this, post good photos, write good descriptions, and do your homework in terms of how to price/market your items, you'll do fine. Good luck! :tup:
  12. I think it really depends on what the brands are of the handbags you are trying to sell. There is a big difference in a $2000 bag and a $200 bag.
    When I first started my newest ebay account, I started out by listing a few keychains then, I listed a wristlet then a wallet, etc. If you have any smaller items, maybe you could try listing them first to get some feedback as a seller.
  13. Thank you so much girls! All this advice has been great esp. to boost my confidence.
  14. I would start by selling a few low price items first just so that you build up some selling history.

    I also set up a new Ebay account due to selling restrictions and the first time I listed a bag the funds were held by Paypal until the buyer left positive feedback so be prepared!

    All worked out in the end OK though.:smile:
  15. I have a Speedy Mini Lin and LV wallet I want to sell on ebay but I have never sold anything either. I am concerned that I will get a buyer who claims they are fakes. I have heard the worst horror stories about that! Of course I can't find my receipts from Bloomingdales where I bought them. Buyers are able to authenticate through TPF, right?

    Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!!! :smile: