First time seeing a spy in real life!

  1. you guys...i finally saw it in real life today!!!!!! i held it too!! its even more beautiful in person! good thing they didnt have the chocolate one or else i would've been really pissed since i cant get it yet. i was a lil bit tempted with the 15% off promo (if you open a card with them) but i was good. i was able to resist! hehe (it was easy since they didnt have the chocolate one haha)
  2. Yay I'm glad you got to see and touch it! Where did you go?
  3. went to bloomingdales SF....=) its funny coz i took a picture of the cognac and the zucca with my i can look at it wherever i am lol
  4. ^You want to hear a confession guccilove? Before I bought my blueberry I had pics of Litigatrix's baby blueberry and shoes in my mobile and on my desktop. I would look at them all the time. My partner thought I was obsessed! I ended up buying them as well, so if you're not wanting to spend money, go delete them now!
  5. actually my husband was just laughing at me a few minutes ago, he said all i do is go online and look at the Spies! lol! he even suggested that i just print out pictures to put up here in the house so i can see it 24/7 lol!!!

    yeah maybe it's not such a good idea having the pics in my just torturing myself!!
  6. yes I think its going to be even harder to resist now that you have seen the real thing ;)

    ahh your first fondle of a spy!!! its a great moment lol :biggrin: