First Time Purchase'er of designer shoes for my girl

  1. i recently just started my full time job and with my bonus im looking to buy my girlfriend a pair of designer shoes. im looking to spend 600-900 dollars and i have no idea which designer would be seen as worthy enough. she only wears dresses and she seems to keep her dress colors in the earth tones, black, and blues. i dont know what she already has in her collection yet but she loves the heels. im uploading a couple pics of her so you have idea of what type of dresses she wears. does anyone have a good idea of some shoes i could go with that would go with some of these outfits? oh and she's an 8 by the way. or since her favorite dresses are bebe dresses should i just take her to a bebe store and let her pick out a couple dresses. im going for that whole surprise/make her feel special/make her feel sexy feeling so any help would be appreaciated

  2. How cute are you?!

    1. My b/f needs to take some pointers from you. HAHA
    3. Most girls love Christian Louboutin shoes, Manolo Blahniks, or Jimmy Choos.

    Maybe you could just take her to a Neiman Marcus or Saks and come up with something romantic (sorry it's almost 6 AM and I'm struggling to be creative right now since I haven't slept yet), and just let her try on all the shoes she likes. That way she definitely ends up with a pair that she loves and can actually wear!

    Also, there are tons of sales going on at most stores right now, so with the amount you wanted to spend, you would probably be able to buy her a few pairs! Most everything is marked down 50-65% off right now.

    Good luck.
  3. Christian Louboutin!!!!!!!! I have never meet anyone who doesn't like them! and they seen like they would be your gf's style...hope this helps
  4. I agree - Louboutins! "Very Prive" style would look hot with her dresses in black or patent black :smile:
  5. Yep, Christian Louboutin. I'm sure she would be thrilled!
  6. awww thats so great. my boyfriend has bought me choos and diors. take her with you and let her choose! thats what he did
  7. Lucky girl! Let us know what she ends up with. From what I can see from the pics I love her sense of style!
  8. You are so sweet!!!
    Let us know what you get for her.

    My boyfriend would never offer to buy me shoes.
    He seems to think I have enough.
  9. I'm a huge Manolo Blahnik fan myself.

    What a nice guy you are, my husband would never buy me shoes. But that's OK, I buy plenty myself! LOL
  10. I would take her shoe shopping at say NM or Saks and let her pick out what she likes.
  11. I second this suggestion -- Christian Louboutin's black/black patent very prives would look great with her dresses. They're very versative because she can wear them with either printed casual dresses or dressed up in a solid colored cocktail dress.

    Depending on where you live, it could also be fun to take her to Barney's, Saks or Neimans to just let her try on different styles. If she decides she likes, for example, Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin, you could use it as an opportunity to look into that particular designer some more (either at their boutique or online) in order to find the style she loves the most.

    BTW, it's really sweet of you to buy her designer shoes. I have no doubt she will be ecstatic!!
  12. Seriously, my b/f is sweet and understands my obsession with fashion, and especially handbags and accessories, but this guy is awesome! LOL

    If we both still weren't in school, he would be doing this for me, but for now my "sugar daddy" is my actual father. Regardless, I'm saying this guy is a keeper. HAHAHAHA

    Trojanman, let us know what she ends up getting, should you ever decide to venture back in The Purse Forum! hehe
  13. Yeah def. get her Louboutins. If she is a size 8 make sure to get a 39. :smile:
  14. wow your so sweet:girlsigh:... and your girlfriend is cute! i dont think you should take her to the store directly. they will mean a lot more if you picked them out yourself and you surprised her with a box of beautiful louboutin heels. you heard the ladies. black very prive pumps will do. they will go along with everything. if she has plenty of black heels i would say the nude patent prive pumps or slingbacks. they are gorgeous and believe it or not, they will actually compliment on a lot of colors! gosh i dont know anyone that would do this for his girlfriend:love: