First time purchase. Please help

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  1. So I know I want black goatskin with silver hardware. I have a medium nightingale on layaway on fashionphile that is brand new. And I found a black Antigona medium on eBay that would be about $400 cheaper. I like both styles. Is one more hard to find? Which one do you like better and why? I have never been this confused but it's the most I've paid for any bag so I want to make right choice. Thanks ladies
  2. I love the Goatskin Antigona but I would never pay that much for one on EBay, there are way too many superfakes there. I think Fashionphile is an honest site. I have made a few purchases from them.
  3. I have sold bags on EBay before so not everyone selling there are selling fakes. You do have to be careful. Have the bag authenticated, people on TPF can help with that. Purchase from someone with the sales receipt and all of the authentication in pictures. I would only purchase from sellers with 100% satisfaction from their buyers...communicate with your seller, ask questions.
  4. Oh, by the way...both bags are fabulous!! Good luck!
  5. I have never sold so many bags to get a bag. But for my nightingale a couple days ago and love it. Thank ladies

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  6. Congratulations!
  7. I have had my classic black gale for almost 10 years and the leather gets better and better. Yours is a beaut.