First time purchase - help me make a decision!


Aug 4, 2012
Canada - eh?
I've been working extra hours at work and decided I need to reward will be purchasing my first LV. I've been eyeing the Speedy - thinking the 30 as the 25 looks like it will be too small. The only problem is I'm used to wearing a cross body purse, and I'm concerned about this. I know I can get the Speedy B - but it's a bit over my budget. I want to stick to under $1000. Lots of expenses coming up, and this is the maximum I feel comfortable spending. Is there something fabulous that I should get instead? I really like the look of the Speedy - convince me it's what I should get. :P


Jul 14, 2012
I think if you really want the speedy, I would spend the extra and get the speedy b since you have extra carrying options. The odeon pm is a really cute cross body bag....


Jan 28, 2014
If you like the speedy, you can get the classic one and get straps from a cheaper seller on ebay.
I don't know if there are a lot of options crossbody <1000$ of a comparable size to the speedy ....


May 25, 2012
I agree, the odeon or bloomsbury are both great choices if you like cross body. I have both and love them!


LV Content
Dec 11, 2012
As far as cross body, there's the Favorite, Eva and Odeon that are within your budget. The Speedy B is really not that much over budget. It's $320 difference that would make you completely happy. If it's the one you like best, I'd save a while longer and get it. Don't settle. Good luck deciding!


Aug 4, 2012
Canada - eh?
Thank you everyone for your input! I think I have a clearer idea of what I'd like to purchase. Hopefully I will be sharing a reveal later in the week.


Jan 8, 2012
I know you say you have a clearer idea about what you want to get, but I have been through this too (so many of us have) so I at least want to give you my $.02 worth of advice :smile:

If you are leaning towards a Speedy B, you will get the lovely iconic bag with the additional strap. One of the things I love about the Speedy (and Alma too) in particular are the handles. The handles are perhaps my favorite part of the Speedy...their shape, the color as it patinas, the sounds they make against the canvas.

Also the canvas of the Speedy is something that will conform according to how you use the bag, as the Speedy is not as structured as some of the other bags. But the canvas is soft and will develop a character of its own alongside the vachetta.

I do not yet own an Eva but it is on my short list of LV bags I want to eventually buy, for a few reasons: it is elegant and multi-purposeful. It is a clutch, a cross-body, and can be used as a pouch in bigger bags. It looks good with a casual outfit as well as a dressier outfit. It fits enough to handle daily needs, not just for special occasions. If you get the Eva, you will have enough money (or just about) to also purchase a Cles or a Mini Pochette as well.

For me, if I'm ready to spend $1000 on a handbag, if I *really* wanted the Speedy B, I would wait until I had the rest of the money to buy it. Because that bag will hold so much and go with so many outfits.

But if I had money burning a hole in my pocket (not saying you do; just talking about me here) I would get the Eva and maybe an SLG to go with it.

Good luck! Hope this made sense :smile:


Apr 12, 2013
East bay Cali
Saumur is a really nice looking crossbody bag. I'm not sure about the price of it though. If not definitely save longer for the speedy b, it will be well worth it. You will have the speedy that you like plus crossbody/shoulder option and when you don't want either you can take the strap off. To me it's worth the wait/extra money. If your going to invest in LV you should be 100% satisfied!


Feb 6, 2013
the speedy 30 is very spaciouse dont worry about that
an if you are a croos body person I would tell
you to either save up a bit more and get the b or get it now
the extra wearabilety is worth it