first time posting with my first B-Bag.

  1. This is my first time posting on TPF but i've been reading, learning and all around loving looking at all the pictures there are to admire on these forums contributed by all you lovely ladies.

    So after much debate between a nice vacation with my boyfriend or a new b-bag... i decided to just go with both!? why not have a nice bag to wear on vacation with the boyfriend? Everyone wins!?! (except my wallet)

    i was stuck debating what color to get... black? steel? or anthracite?.... but thanx to the help of the forum pictures and threads, i indulged in the 07 Steel/Plomb City
    so yummy.... i just want to bite it! but i wont....

    im already loving this bag and i fear this could very well be the beginning of the end...
  2. Congrats and welcome to the PF!!
  3. That bag does look good enough to eat!!!! I fear you are right, It probably is the beginning of the end..... for me too! Congrat.'s!!!
  4. welcome and what a great way to join the club! awesome leather on that b-bag, congrats. get ready to find it a mate, though - these things tend to come in pairs... like 2, 4, 6, etc...
  5. wow that looks awesome. congrats and welcome!
  6. Welcome to tpf!! What a gorgeous bag! Congrats!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. GORGEOUS choice... the leather looks YUMMY!!
    Welcome to the "balenciaga zone"... after just 1 it's a slippery slope!!:p

    Oh... your posting name...:roflmfao: makes me laugh... care to share??
  8. CONGRats & welcome to tPf... cute username t:huh: :woohoo:
  9. Oh man... I miss my plomb bag! Thats GORGEOUS!!
  10. thanx! hehe. i try to keep my user names fun and silly. the explanation behind it is rather simple actually. it's a combination of two nicknames i have...

    dimples + rhinobutt = dimple_butt

    dimples from my friends sometimes because i have moments where i just can't help but smile and have big dimples to match my big smile. rhinobutt from my dad, strangely enough, because he claims my ass is comparable to a rhinos.

  11. The bag is gorgeous! Congratulations and welcome to tPF!
  12. welcome to tpf!! congrats on the plomb city!
  13. Rhinobutt! :roflmfao: too funny! Congrats on such a beautiful bag! The leather looks really yummy! :woohoo:
  14. haha .. yea i figured dimple butt would be a little less 'harsh' sounding than rhino butt. :p
  15. it's gorgeous!!!