first time MK outlet visit...question?

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  1. I shopped in a Michael Kors outlet today first time...Found a great little bag and bought it...Came home and read the fine print on the refund only exchange for merchandise...I plan to keep the bag but this goes against my shopping belief that I do not buy anything I cannot return for cash...There was no sign in the store and I was not told this when I checked out..Glad I bought the bag before I found this out...I
    won't shop there again...Has anyone had this experience?...
  2. There are many outlet stores unfortunately that do not post their policy with

    regard to or credit card refunds or even merchandise

    credit.. suppose they think that is what outlet shopping means.. buy it its yours..
  3. i know that in massachusetts where i live, policies MUST be printed and visible in the store...maybe you can check out your state's policy by googling it?
    let us know and good luck!
  4. I have seen a lot of threads where TPFers are unhappy wit MK in one way or another--quality, customer service, return policy. Hopefully you love your bag and it won't be an issue for you. Congrats on your new purchase.
  5. THX ladies...I bought a cute little crossbody...purple and just what I was looking for....There is a Dooney, Coach, saks off fifth in this outlet...I went through these before settling on the MK...All of these stores were packed...Sunday afternoon shoppers....There was not 1 person in MK....both times I went by there...
    Like I said, glad that I found out MK is a problem..I won't return there...
  6. That is their policy. I don't buy anything there either because of that. Sometimes a person just changes her mind. BTW, at our outlet in Aurora, Ferragamo has a no-return, no-exchange policy as well.
  7. *never mind*
  8. My problem with having to take a credit is I don't live near this rather on vacation...What would I do with a credit if I never am in the area again to shop?...
  9. this is common in almost ALL stores now.