First time MJ shopper

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  1. Hi all. I normally frequent the RM or Treesje forums, so this is my first post here. I have owned LV and Guccis in the past as well. I am looking to make my first MJ purchase... I have always loved the Stam, but now that I'm looking at more bags, I'm really liking the Rio and Bruna as well. I am leaning towards a Rio Stardust in either white or black... any comments? advice? anyone own the Rio Stardust in White? easy to clean?
  2. Hey welcome to the world of MJ! I dont know where to start! The stam is a classic piece and there are a couple others. I think you should also browse the MJ threads & what kind of bag you like? Shoulder? Crossbody? etc? The other MJ girls will soon chime in
  3. the rio is a fantastic choice, and i think a more practical one compared to the stam. the white is nice, and the leather isn't fragile, so it would respond well to leather cleaner, but i like the black/gold hw combo the best.
  4. Yes I love the black/gold too! Thanks for your imput. I will be browsing the reference threads as well....
  5. welcome to mj! :heart:

    i agree with kim - the black/gold is gorgeous on the rio! white bags scare me though... ;)
  6. yay, another mj convert! the stam is classic but i personally prefer the rio. i am also scared of white bags so i steer clear of them but i know other people are able to make them work by being careful.

    good luck deciding!
  7. Thanks guys! Yeah I've never owned a white bag before either for that reason, but it's so gorgeous I was tempted..
  8. I have a white Stardust Single and I love it. It's very easy to clean. I baby it more, but I've worn it with jeans and I haven't had any problems so far. The black/gold hardware combo for the Rio is beautiful though. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    Welcome to MJ!