......First Time LV'ers...Have you lost interest in buying Non-LV bags????....

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  1. Since buying my first LV last month, I really don't have too much interest in buying other brands of handbags at this point. When I look at other brands either in person or online, nothing seems to excite me or move me. I still enjoy the non-LV's that I have, but right now I'm not too interested in buying anything thing that is not LV. My mind is on my next LV purchase.:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: And I can't wait! I look at what I want everyday...several times a day...last night I was sure to look at my wishlist before going to bed!!!

    Maybe I will feel differently once I get the items on my wish list. Any thoughts??????
  2. Well I'm not totally new (April will make a year since I got my first LV, now I have 12 items :nuts:)

    I really have no interest in other bags, because I don't like the idea of seasonal, or 'in one year, out the next' type of bags. When I drop $1000+, I want to be able to wear/enjoy it forever!
  3. You might change your mind... I had a lot of coach and always, always wanted an LV. I finally decided it was stupid to worry about people thinking it was fake, so I bought one. I was obsessive about all their stuff, but recently I've also discovered Balenciaga as well. I love, love their leather. Everyone says "oh, you'll start selling your LV's for Balenciaga" but I don't see that happening AT ALL. Love my speedy and my graffiti wallet - will not be parting with those! But I do love nice leather and the edgy style of Balenciaga. I think it's good to branch out and get items your just love. You will probably start exploring other parts of tPF (that's how I found Balenciaga) and find other items that go with your style. I think it's fun and really great to mix & match and have a diverse closet. I'm glad my closet doesn't only have coach any more personally! Nice to have the variety!
  4. Yep, right now I'm still in this stage, but might be branching out soon, because LV will not suit some styles/budget that I need. It's mainly because I'm limiting myself to buying under 1K bags. IMHO, LV's entry level bags are better value compared to other designers. Once you go up to the over 1.5K mark, then there other designers like Balenciaga, Prada, Mulberry that do really nice smooshy leather much cheaper than LV. Not sure if I want to go there anyway, just not in my value system to spend that much. There are other mid level brands like Rebecca Minkoff that I'm currently eyeing as well.
  5. ^^^ Linea Pelle also has some great leathers at good prices BTW.
  6. I go back and forth. I am always in LVoe, but sometimes I can't even think about buying another brand. Other times I want to spice up my collection, but I always go back to LV.
  7. I was definately like that! I got my first in 2008 and ever since I only bought LV! I was obsessed! And of course TPF didn't help =p But now that I got pretty much most of the bags I like I'm branching out to other brands now. I got my first miu miu in Dec 2009 and my next bag will be a balenciaga =)
  8. YES!! I was like that when I first started buying LV's Since I bought my first LV. The only other brand I have bought is 3 Chanel bags.