First time Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM owner!!

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  1. Hey everyone!! I recently got my first Louis Vuitton purse as a graduation gift!! At first, I picked out the Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene, but after reading so many discouraging reviews when it comes to peeling and cracking.. I exchanged it for a Neverfull MM in the Monogram and I am so happy!! I want to make sure this bag stays with me for awhile.. I was hoping I could get some care tips to ensure it does stay with me for years to come. I will always be using the bag everyday.. my parents saved up money to be able to gift it to me so I would love to use it whenever possible.

    Any advice is helpful :biggrin:
  2. Awwwww. So sweet of your parents and congrats. There are lots of old threads on here about care. You could do a search. It has been discussed to death. Basically two trains of thought. 1) Louis Vuitton has developed their bags and craft over 100 years and all you need to do is wipe with clean damp cloths to free of dirt. You don’t need to add anything to what LV has developed. Just don’t put lotion on your hands and then pick it up. Just simple things like that and let the bag be type thoughts.

    Or second. There are people who put products on it to protect it. Apple Guard for one. I guess there is a whole procedure to that. I’m definitely in the first group.

    These are two things to consider. And help you decide which path of care you want to go down.
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  3. Thanks for your reply! If not necessary, i might just stay away from using products. But I will use your suggestion and use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt.
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  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!
  5. congrats and great choice! i think the mono nf is the way to go. the de straps are much harder and i find the vachetta straps much more comfortable as over time they soften. try not to stress about the vachetta. my approach is to use and enjoy. i try to avoid serious rain and spills (you can carry a plastic bag inside the nf in case of serious rain) , but especially once the patina gets going a bit, i think you will find the leather much less worrisome. if there are water spots they eventually blend in, especially on a bag like the neverfull which does not have huge areas of vachetta. i think the neverfull is one of the most functional lvs that i own (and i own a few neverfulls). hope you get lots of use and enjoyment out of yours : )
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  6. Thank you for your reply!! I used the DM for a day and my shoulder hurt so bad! I thought it was because I was wearing a tank top, but once i did my research i noticed a continuous problem with other people! Once i switched my shoulders didn't hurt with the monogram even with a tank top!! I just ordered an organizer off etsy.. so im going to make it my goal to carry an umbrella or a plastic bag (I live in Florida and it always rains!!).
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  7. Thank you! Its been only a week but im in love :biggrin:
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  8. Great first purchase! Congrats on that and graduation :flowers:
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