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  1. Hi all!

    long time lurker, but first time posting. Not sure if this is the right place to post but any answers would be greatly appreciated.

    So I'm a 22yr old (f) who's secured a well paying job out of college. Been working for a while and now I think I should take a leap and invest/buy in my first designer bag. I've been eyeing up and reaaaaaallly lusting over the Alma bb in damier ebene canvas. Is this a good first bag? I am open to any and all suggestions and other brands, so please recommend!

    i am looking for something that I can get a lot of use out of, more on the casual side but can still go day to night. Already own a bunch of bags from contemperory brands (i.e longchamp, kate spade, tory burch) so looking for more high-end designers and around the same price point as the Alma bb.

  2. Don't approach it as what others would buy as a first bag. Think about the bags you have and like. What shape, what style, what makes it special? I think an Ebene bag is a good first choice. Its waterproof and iconic, can't go wrong with that. Just be aware that the alma bb is very small. It can go day to night but I would wonder if it can carry all your daily essentials.
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  3. Alma bb is super cute. If you need more room, go for a speedy b 25 or possible a South Bank Besace. Maybe Siena PM? Those are all crossbody in Damier ebene on the lower side of LV’s pricing. If you don’t need a lot of space, the Alma bb is perfect!
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  4. The alba bb is a beautiful bag. However, have you tried looking at the Favorite MM in DE? It is both a crossbody and hand held bag (like the Alma) but with a chain.

    I guess it will depend on how much stuff you need to carry.

    There are YouTube videos that compare both of these bags.
  5. Alma bb is a great choice as a first bag. Classic and will never go out of style.
  6. Agree the Alma BB would be perfect for what your looking for but it is small. I do have to downsize a little when utilizing this bag but it’s still one of my favorites. Have fun shopping and try to go to the store and try different styles on.
  7. Do you like Croisette in damier ebene?
  8. Alma BB is a great bag. It is a very reasonably priced by LV standards and a well constructed bag without any issues. For example, favorite has a weird flap crease that is often discussed here. Alma BB is a little like a clown car - it holds much more than it looks like it should. I am 46 and can easily use it as a daily bag for my needs. I would also look at the Gucci Soho Disco. It is also well priced, well made, loved by many and can go day to evening. There are a lot of great youtube videos on both bags that can help you decide if the bags will fit your daily essentials.

    Congrats on your job and enjoy the hunt for your first designer bag!
  9. Go shopping
    Go lv
    Go try all styles that catches your attentions
    Then tell us here
    What sing and calling your heart
  10. It’s lovely. But as a first bag you want a lot of use out of I’d look at speedy b