First time in NY- Help

  1. I will be in in NY, my first time this weekend & very excited. I would like to go to Century 21 but am confused how to get there from Times Square. I am getting conflicting ways of travel when I try to mapquest it. NY girls, is it best to take a taxi or the subway? Thanks so much
  2. You can take the subway.

    You can take the E train to the WTC. The station is called Chambers Street. The WTC is across the street from Century 21.

    other trains are the A or C and the 4,5, or 6 to Broadway Nassau/Fulton Street.

    If you want to take a taxi just tell him to take you to the WTC and you'll see Century 21 right there.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I would suggest to take the train because taking a cab from times sq will take forever. You can take the E train for Times Sq. It is actually on 8th Ave and 42 street. Its easy to find and it will take you right there.
  4. Definitely Minnie I think the E train would be the easiest way :yes:
  5. E train to the end which is the WTC... , that sounds like the easiest

    Go there in the AM, it's always toooo crowded in the afternoon!!!
  6. Train is the best way.. You'll get stuck in traffic in Times Square and by Canal St (Chinatown area) which will cost an arm and a leg...

    Century 21 is on Church St
  7. Thanks a lot ladies
  8. subwaaaay! make sure you don't get on an express train when you shouldn't... you'll get on at 59th and end up at 125th or something. ;).. that's a common first timer mistake.

    Subway is definitely quickest, and cheapest.
  9. How did you make out?:wlae: :flowers:
  10. Can someone tell me what is Centry 21?
  11. It's a discount department store.
    Lots of ppl
    Lots of designer goods, some new some outdated.
    limited size and quantity, if you find something you like grab it and hold on to it.

    some ppl always have good luck there but not for me.
  12. Century 21 is located right across the street from the World Trade Center site. It gets VERY crowded on the weekend so if you want to go then try and go early in the morning, otherwise, during the week should provide better shopping.
  13. There are plenty of good deals at Century21, I always by my calvin underwear at C21.
  14. I just came back from new york and did Century 21 - it was amazing - picked up a Vivienne Westwood jacket for peanuts and the most gorgeous Marc Jacobs silk skirt. I felt it was well worth going. I went first thing in the morning just after rush hour had finished and it wasn't too crowded but when I went back on a sundey it was JAMMED and I couldn't face a return trip!!