First time I'm concerned...

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  1. Please wait. USPS will not do anything for 21 days so you have to hold on. It is out there somewhere and it will be scanned or at your doorstep.
  2. Mine doesn't even say that it was accepted at the post office. Just that there is no info :sad:
  3. Don't panic yet. Maybe your em will serve to prod your seller (as mine did to my seller noted in my post above). I'd keep checking the USPS website and if nothing changes by next Wed. or so, I'd contact seller again. BTW, in response to the em she sent you today, I'd let her know that the package didn't arrive and ask her when she sent it. Let her know that the USPS website doesn't seem up to date. (And if you hear nothing by next Wed., I'd contact her again if the website info hasn't changed.) Sorry you are going through this!
  4. Okay so the tracking number finally updated and I can't believe this! They delivered it to me on the 18th which was Saturday! But I wasn't home and they decided not to leave it which is kinda crazy. So they left a notice which I never got and it's been sitting at the post office waiting for me to come and pick it up ever since!!! Now I feel sooo silly LOL!
  5. That's good news - at least you know where it is! Glad you finally found it!
  6. Glad you found it.
  7. Picked it up today from the Post Office! All is well :smile: They told me there must have been a substitute postman last Saturday and he/she didn't know that it was safe to leave packages outside the mailbox since it's in an indoor garage.
  8. I love happy endings where Purses are concerned. Glad it all worked out. And I made a mental note to check with the post office if that ever happens to me. I HATE waiting for my treasures to arrive.
  9. Glad received your purse,the post office can drive you up the wall at times.I shipped a package parcel post on the 24th going from VA to CA it made the trip in 5 days and it's out for delivery at this very moment.It's odd I never worry about packages coming to me but I sweat bullets everytime I sell an item till I know it has arrived safely :nuts:.
    Enjoy your new purse.