First time I'm concerned...

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  1. I've been buying and selling on eBay for over 10 years now and have never really been worried. Well, I'm actually only a little worried right now, but if my bag doesn't arrive tomorrow then I will be concerned.

    So last week I got a vintage Coach bag with a BIN. The seller is top rated with a 99.6% rating. I paid immediately upon purchasing. The price was not that high though or else I'd reaaaalllly be freaking out lol! So on Thursday afternoon I got an email from eBay that stated my package was sent. Of course I completely understand if it wasn't actually sent out that day and it was sent Friday or something, but it's almost a week later and it still hasn't arrived. I actually was thinking about it yesterday how it was strange to me that it hadn't arrived yet. The only reason why I thought anything was because a couple weeks earlier I bought another vintage bag on eBay and it arrived 2 days after it was sent from TX to CA. This time the bag is coming from FL.

    But I still wasn't that worried until a few minutes ago when I checked the USPS tracking # that was listed for my item and it says tracking info is not available for this shipment. Ummm, it was supposedly sent 6 days ago. Wouldn't it at least say the info for the package was received? The seller emailed me back last last night saying it should have arrived today as it was supposed to be sent in 2-3 days tops.

    I'm just hoping it's not lost. Is it normal that there is no tracking info? Should I be worried yet? I'm hoping to see it in my mailbox tomorrow.
  2. Same exact thing happened to me w/ USPS. Bought an item, seller provided the tracking # the next day and didn't physically mail the bag until 8 days later. For those 8 days, the website said no tracking info was available. Once she did mail it (coming from CA to TX, where I live), the website began undating every step of the way. It happens.
  3. USPS is terrible for tracking.. was it USPS?
    I have had bags that had a status of "shipping info received" for 2 weeks after I received it!
    I've also had bags that say they were in one place (i.e. say, Indiana) while they were on my doorstep in Rhode Island.

    If it's USPS, I'd give it a few days longer.
  4. This happens all the time with USPS. I had bought two items from the US and I received them in 8 days, but the USPS tracking still has not updated.
  5. I'm in the same boat right now. I won a bag on Monday, and on Tuesday received notice of shipment with a tracking number. The USPS site shows that they've received notice of the shipment, but there's nothing else. It hasn't been that long, so I'm not worried, but it's really frustrating, especially when you're excited to get something!
  6. I really hope it arrives tomorrow OP, if not try contacting the delivery company
  7. I recently purchased something on eBay and immediately got the notice that a shipping label had been printed. Then days pass - over Labor Day holiday - and nothing happens. No package, no update. I allowed for the holiday and then sent an em to seller. She sent me some bogus email about it having been lost in the mail but she was immediately sending a new one. Bottom line is that she printed the label but never mailed the item! Not the end of the world though, she sent me another that arrived quickly and was tracked all the way. So it is not always USPS, sometimes people print the labels and don't send the package!

    If I were you, I'd drop an em to Seller asking when the item was shipped and if she has tracking information. It may have been overlooked like my package was!
  8. I give it 21 days. Right now is a bit soon. Did you ask your seller if she shipped it yet? Other than that you are at USPS's whim. The only other thing is to make sure your eBay and Paypal addresses are correct. Some people use ebay to ship.
  9. I had emailed the seller yesterday telling her it still hasn't arrived and if she had a different tracking number for it. No response :sad: My mail should be here in like 3 hours so we'll see....
  10. Remember that you're talking about a number that will show delivery confirmation - it's NOT really a tracking service.

    Sometimes USPS doesn't scan on pickup and doesn't scan until it's delivered. It just depends on the employees and what they feel like doing.

    Just remember that if your package was mailed immediately then your seller is at the mercy of the Postal Service and is not responsible for their slowness.

    Not all packages arrive within 3 days. As Noshoepolish said above, give it more time.
  11. Do you know if she mailed it priority? Some sellers claim they will mail priority but then cheap out and do parcel post or first class, both of which can take a long time if they're traveling across the country. As for the tracking, sometimes the info doesn't update until the item is delivered!
  12. The only mail guaranteed by USPS is Express Mail. And that is for 1-2 days. I have had take Priority Mail take 14 days from PA to NJ.

  13. Just what I was going to say!

    And it really can't be said enough----there is NO 'tracking' with USPS regular mail. It is a DELIVERY confirmation. If you are lucky you will get scanned info when it is accepted and leaves the facility.

    perhaps it was sent Parcel instead of priority?
  14. It did NOT come today :tdown: I dunno what to think. This has never happened to me before.

    The seller emailed me earlier today asking if I got it but at that time the mail hadn't come yet.
  15. I am in the same situation, but I am the seller of an item. I shipped mine Thursday PM and it still shows that it was accepted at the post office. I called USPS and gave them the sig conf # and a little more info so they can research. They said they are going to contact the post office it was to be delivered to and call me back.

    OP you might want to try that if it has not arrived tomorrow.