First time here ...... my journey to you fabulous gals!! Small treat for myself!!

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  1. Hi, all the gorgeous Hermes gals:

    Hope I didn't intrude here,....I cannot find a thread for Hermes accessories.:faint:

    Today I went to Hermes boutique in SF city. I bought myself little something. I felt I must share what I purchased from a blissful stop by in Hermes boutique today. :shame:

    In fact, what I purchased is nothing compared to all the fab Kelly or Birkin you gals own here. Also, when I saw 40cm Croc Birkin w/ diamond on the lock and orange Kelly in 32 cm displayed on the shelf....I almost fainted. They are just so precious and fabulous. I am kinda of regret not asking the SA about availablility of any other color/leather Birkins. Well, the SA might just ignore me anyway. :sweatdrop:

    I know, I should jump to reavel. Here it is!! And thanks for letting me novice share.

    Please ignore the other item.

    Yes, it is a is not just an ordinary belt.

    It is an ostrich belt

    w/ Gold and vertical textured H buckle

    Thanks again for letting me share

  2. Wow!! That belt is divine!!!:faint:I love it!! Congrats!!!
  3. WOWOWOOW!!! i love the buckle with "stripes." however, my store won't sell it separately. and ostrich! great first H!
  4. Nice! What else did you spot at SF? What kind of skin was the Orange Kelly? :nuts:
  5. Love the strap, I didn't even know they made them in ostrich. Did they have any other colors?
  6. GORGEOUS!!!!! Happy you are here!
  7. Nice Ostrich belt! Enjoy!
  8. i saw an ostrich belt irl and it truly is fabulous ! congrats its beautiful
  9. Congratulations :tup: And welcome!!!
    There is no way back, you know right...? :graucho:
    btw, beautiful pictures in the background :heart:
  10. Love your Ostrich Belt and Buckle. I've never seen one IRL, it's gorgeous! Welcome!
  11. Congrats!!! I was at H store in SF this morning too. Seems like we kept missing each other.
  12. The SA told me it is calf skin. well, but when she told me, I was staring at Croc. Birkin. so...... hah............

  13. Congrats on a stunning belt! I love the fact you went with Gold hardware for the buckle, it blends really nicely with the bird, welcome to H!
  14. Congratulations!

    Hermes is a slippery slope..welcome to the ORANGE side!
  15. Beautiful, congrats!!!