First time gucci owner

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  1. I am mostly an LV fan but this weekend my dh gifted me with a gucci bag from toronto premium outlet. I went initially to coach, tory burch and kate spade and each time my dh would tell me not to buy any otherwise we had to cancel our booked trip to vancauver on june. Then when we were in gucci he said " now,pick what you like". I was shocked. He said its valentines day and I needed a reward as well for getting my license as an rpn. He also made me promise not to buy anymore clothes for 5 years and I managed to talked him down to 3 years instead. He watched this documentary about textile waste all over the world, hence this condition. I picked out the gg supreme blooms small top handle in antique rose. The strap looks a bit short but Ill try carrying it with my shoulders. I hate that this have the same issue with my LV favorite pm. The strap is not long enough. Now im excited to use my new bag. Ill post it on fb as the best valentines gift ever! Lol
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  2. We’d love to see!
  3. I love your story. :heart: I resemble that. :lol:

    I’m not on FB but I would still love to see your awesome gift. :smile:
  4. Very cute story and congrats on your license! Do post a pic.
  5. Hi...i dont know how to post a pocture here lol. Does the bloom collection use coated canvas? Thanks