First time ever getting a semi cold sore

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just need some help... I've been stressed lately and feeling sick and I felt a little tingle on my lip. I went to the doctor right away and he prescribed me Zovirax ointment because he thought that I might be getting a little cold sore. I started using it and nothing has ever developed. I felt the tingle on Monday but because of Canadian Thanksgiving I couldn't see him until yesterday. The first day of the tingle, I looked online and bought Abreva and iced it. Yesterday, my doctor gave me the ointment and I started using it right away. Because, I've never had one before I've been reading online about the blistering and pain etc. I'm not getting that... I don't even get the little water bumps that some say turn into blisters. I just have a bit of swelling. So, my question is - did I catch it in time? And if the swelling goes down then I can stop using the ointment? And I'm fine? My mom can't even really tell that side of my lip is swollen because I have pretty full lips naturally. I just want to be extremely careful.

  2. I think you're worrying too much. if there is nothing on your lip, then you shouldn't worry about the pain and blistering right now. if you came in contact with herpes simplex, then the virus will be dormant in your body forever, reactivating on occassion. i believe ointments and anti-virals can prevent a huge blister or make the attacks less frequent, but you can't rid yourself of the virus that causes it.

    i'd say use the ointment until you notice no symptoms at all. i've never had any lip sores, so i don't know how long the sore normally would last, but don't worry about it, stress can aggravate it. it's very very common, so i'm sure it's not a huge deal if anyone notices it. my mother gets huge lip sores.
  3. Careful of??
  4. Careful of not giving it to my boyfriend... even though he's had them before. We're in a LD distance relationship and of course after 6 weeks, I get sick the week before and my first ever CS pops up. It never got bad and blistery, just looks swollen and not the cream has made me scab even though it never really developed. *sigh*... nothing I can do about it now I guess.
  5. If he's had cold sores before, then he already has HSV-1 so not likely you are any risk to him. You need to be careful regarding oral sex though, because there is a potential for cross infection. But overall, it's a common condition that should go away shortly.