First Time Ebay Sale- so many problems

  1. My first complete eBay sale…
    I had so many problems- first sale did not go through- did not meet my reserve
    And the buyer did not want to pay in full-
    2nd time I listed- eBay pulled due to excessive shipping fees.
    Now I get this message in my inbox- this buyer was in bidding war with
    Another party- thank god he did not win..
    I hope this buyer pays now !!
    It would be so my luck
    This is the email from eBay
    How does anybody get anything done with all this !!!!

    Hello XXXXXXXXX (,

    This email is to inform you that any recent bids placed by tXXXXXXXXXXX7 may have been by an unauthorized third party. We are now in the process of restoring the account to its true owner.

    If this person was the winning bidder for the transaction then the transaction in question should be considered null and void. You may relist the item and request a credit for the Final Value Fee. When a seller submits a final value fee credit request, unpaid Items are automatically identified by our system. Our system will then keep records of the credit requests that are received from sellers regarding transactions that were not completed.

    You may file a "friendly" unpaid item dispute (UPI) remark in order to request the fees for your auction and this will not negatively affect this member's account. You can request a Final Value Fee credit through Unpaid Item Disputes by following the steps below:

    1. Go to the eBay home page
    2. Log in to your My eBay page
    3. Under the "Related Links" box on the left side of the page, click the "Unpaid Item Disputes" link

    For more information on how to request a credit, I encourage you to view our Frequently Asked Questions page below:

  3. nothing from the winning bidder- I have sent two messages asking what shipping method they'd prefer- but nothing at all- and even sent a second chance offer to the next bidder- no response from either- I am afraid my auction was HIJACKED !!!! i have to wait the 7 days for payment - but where is the communication..
    I sent invoice as well.
    What the world is going on with EBAY- I don't want to list this item a 4th time, I won't make any money after all the fees !~!!!!!
  4. when did your auction end? I think you have to wait the 7 days before you can send anyone a 2nd chance offer anyway...... because what if they accepted but then the buyer paid? Buyer has 7 days to pay.
  6. Well- I finally heard back from the winning bidder and in turn HIS account was hi-jacked- he stated to me he would never buy a bag. Also the new ebayer that bid- ACCOUNT WAS ALSO FRAUDULENT.
    Whats the chances of all this happening !!!!
    Talk about bad luck- I just emailed EBAY and asked them to credit my fees.
    I am so p.o'd because the auction that EBAY pulled for seller fees- had very potential buyers as a few of them emailed me, neither one of them bid on the relist...... So if I list this bag a 4th time potential buyers are going to be scared away- I am a first time seller- have bought previously...but not sold.
    ARGH !!! WHat to do ?
  7. I truly believe this- because I stepped on and cracked my hand held mirror last week.. ARGH
    spilled hot chocolate on my lap yesterday...
    Bank issues yesterday- several charges represented themselves to my account
    merchant error-FEE FEES- but will be refunded- but spent hours on the phone to get it reconciled...
    and theres more- to much to go into detail