First time doggy owner any advice?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been approved to meet and hopefully bring home my first doggie (as long as the meet and greet goes well of course) on Saturday. She is a Pom/ Alaskan Eskimo mix. I am super excited, she is four years old and is being brought up from a kill shelter that she was left at in the south. I do already have two recue felines at home and I plan on introducing them to our newest family member slowly.

    I have been looking at all kinds of stuff to order for her and it seems like Puppia seems to be an excellent brand for all things dog. If anyone has any other brands they recommend or any tips for bringing a dog home for first time or any other advice for me I would love to hear it!
  2. Bless your heart! What an interesting breed mix. I have no suggestions other than how important consistency is in training. Dogs do best and are happiest when they know what to expect.

    Good luck!
  3. Don't get upset, no matter what she does.

    Feed her good food.

    Walk her everyday, at least 40 minutes if you can.

    When she pees and poops in the right place, make it a party. (This is usually for puppy training, but why not reinforce the behavior with the adult dog?)

    Go into a local pet store with your dog, look around at everything, and ask for advice, talk to multiple people, but don't buy anything right away except a token item like all natural treats.

    I like the ruffwear harness we got for my puppy, but it might be too hot for your dog. I like the european leash with two clips, but I also like the regular length nylon leash. Avoid retractable leashes on walks.

    There is a lot to learn. Hopefully it will be easy for you. There are a lot of resources if you want to take the time.

    Try to remember that the dog knows what it needs, and is usually right. You just have to figure out what she needs.
  4. Make sure she's micro chipped and get good insurance. Dogs can be way more expensive than cats if they get ill.

    Our dog was three days off being PTS too when we rescued him and he had some very challenging behaviours. You just need to persevere and give plenty of positive reinforcement.

    It's a great thing you've done and once you've both bonded you can't imagine not having them around. Mine's snoring gently next to me in bed as I type!
  5. Thank you everyone. She has already been microchipped and I have her being checked out by vet after I pick her up just for a baseline check up. I plan on picking up all the basics for her tomorrow so the house is set and then will order additional items once I have her home.
  6. I have no advice just congratulations and bless you for adopting an adult dog.
  7. Congratulations! Adopting a homeless dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

    Harness- Depending on the shape and proportion of the dog, different harnesses might work better or less. I like the RC Pets harness for my small headed dog. Be careful as they can sometimes slip off the dog if it's not the right harness.

    Keep your LV bags out of reach.

    P.S. Petco brick and mortar stores are overpriced. Try local pet stores with natural and better quality products. I love product offerings and customer service. Good luck!
  8. Thank you smile1:

    Unfourtantly the time of night I shopped the only option was Pet Smart, I wasnt too impressed at all with the selection but I did get her her beds, Food bowls, some toys, a pink reflective harness and leash in a few sizes since im not sure what will fit when I pick her up, some treats and some other stuff. There is a super cute dog boutique were I live I plan on hitting up tomorrow while she is being groomed and also I found some cute stuff online to order too. I just want her to be as comfortable as she can be.

    I picked up my cats some stuff too, didnt want them to feel left out :kitty:
  9. My preference is adopting adult dogs.
    Current one = former stray.

    Couple suggestions:

    1) stuffed toy. Which squeaks/makes noise.
    (A noise you can tolerate. ;) )
    My dog slept with toy, carried everywhere during 1st days.
    Still enjoys, but a true comfort in beginning.

    2) manage the poop. Because it will arrive.
    Having disposal plan/supplies in place eases life.
    For both dog & people.

    I think training class would be fun--to bond with & learn about dog.
    Best luck. :smile:
  10. Excellent point.
    And each dog has different viewpoint/craving.

    My current dog is a routine junkie.
    Even for baths. Especially for daily walk.
    He also is a talker--grumble growling.
    Which worried me @ start. Until realized was communication of frustration/excitement, not aggression.
    Dogs are a constant adventure. :smile: ♡
  11. And you said something very important--each dog has its own communication style. We have adopted boxers forever---same breed, but like children, each one is different. Every time we bring home a 'new' dog we realize it takes time for us to learn the dog's way of communicating and for the dog to learn ours.
  12. Well I have her home and she is such a sweetheart. She follows me and my husband everywhere I mean everywhere she does not like not being near us. She also has not barked once,not when we picked her up, at vet or while being groomed she is really just a cool laid back dog. We got her some stuffed toys but she seemed to have zero interest so far, its almost as if she has never seen one before. She also seems abit confused by dog treats. She is a total sweetheart and so fluffy and cute. I will try first step in introducing her to cats tomorrow.

    Thank you everyone for the advice.
  13. How wonderful to have her home! Sometimes they bond with you quickly---she may be doing that.

    I'm happy for your family.
  14. sweet
    please post pics when you have a chance
  15. Please tell me how the cats react. I also have 2 rescued cats and would love a dog.
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