First Time Coach Buyer

  1. Hi everybody. I need some help! I am wanting to purchase my very first Coach bag, but am not sure which one to get. I know that I want it to be khaki or brown AND black. I like medium to large size bags, but not too large. Any suggestions? Thanks y'all! :smile:
  2. Med carly :smile:


    Perhaps signature tote :smile:
  3. Anything you like because its about your comfort zone with the bag and how it feels on you.
  4. If you can go to a Coach store, I would so you can try things on. Take your stuff and put it into their floor models and carry it around to try it out. That's the best way to find a bag that's best for you.
  5. We have an outlet where I live and I'm sure that some of the department stores in the mall carry them too. I went to the outlet last night and looked at a bunch of different ones. I just don't know which one to get!! I found a couple on the Coach website that I'm pretty sure aren't at the outlet. I'm just scared to buy one online without actually seeing it.
  6. I recommend the Signature Stripe Totes. They are awesome!
  7. anything you like the best....
  8. i think carly is great to start of ur collection. or an ergo hobo. personally. i dont like any of the totes bc none of them zip up well.
  9. I wouldn't be scared to get anything at They are very good at doing returns in the store (definitely easier than Gap or Banana Republic) plus shipping is free from their website.

    I would suggest for a first bag either the signature stripe tote or some kind of ergo hobo. The chelsea bags are also quite nice in either the leather or the optic print.
  10. It really depends in what you feel comfortable using. I have the LG khaki/black Carly and I love her soooo much!!! She is so comfortable while I'm running around shopping. Once again go to the Coach Boutique and look around don't hurry it up. When I go there I spend like 1 hour in there just walking around in circles lol!!!