First time Chanel handbag buyer !!

  1. hi:
    I am thinking about getting a Chanel bag that's going to last me a long long time, and not sure what styles i should get .
    Can anyone tell me what is the style for this bag being auctioned at Ebay ?

    and this one looks stunning......anyone purchased this bag before ? and do you think this is an authentic chanel bag ?

  2. Both bags are cute (I'm no Chanel expert so I'll let the experts comment on authenticity), but IMO I prefer a more classic Chanel rather than shearling if you want a long-lasting bag.
  3. Hi Twinkie! Yes, both bags are cute but I think if you're in the market for one Chanel that will stand the test of time, you might want to consider less trendy bags. For example, the 2.55 re-issue in black w/gold or grey w/silver chains OR wait for the new models of these bags which are coming into the stores really soon if they are not already are really good choices. This style is contemporary and chic....I have the 2.55 Grey re-issue in Medium and I LOVE it! I wear it with everything from jeans to dressy events -

    Also Twinkie, it's my humble opinion that your first Chanel purchase should be at the Boutique so you could get the whole experience. Sometimes the prices you find on eBay for Chanel are almost the same as buying in the boutiques....especially if you're wanting the Re-issue. You might save a little but it really isn't that signifigant - you might have to save a bit more but it's really worth it.

    I'm a Chanel veteran by now and most of my bags where purchased at either Neiman's or at the Chanel Boutiques but NOW I'm in the market for some styles that are no longer being sold in the stores (the quilted back-pack for example) and for these I'll be searching eBay or hopefully buying from members of this forum. But your first bag? Try to buy directly from the stores! It's a lot of fun!
  4. Twinkie - One more might want to look at the new Luxury line Flap Bag too. It's a lovely line....
  5. I agree you should definitely check out the luxury line. I have the bowling bag in metallic black and it's awesome. The flap bag is a bit too small for all my stuff but the bowling bag is PERFECT!! The flap bags are all a bit small for my taste but it depends on how much stuff you carry around with you. But either the flap bag or luxury line is the way I would go for my first Chanel! Let us know what you get!!
  6. I say go to the boutique and check them out personally. I stick to my classic flap.. tho I'm tempted to get the re-issue later this summer =D
  7. thanks everyone....i saw my sister in-law carry the chanel bag in the first link, she's a lot younger than me so i guess that style fitted her perfectly :smile:
    but i am looking for a style that can last for a long long time.....and i think i have my eyes set on the Re-issue, however a lot of the stores i rang said they are already sold out .... is it coming out again soon ??
    I really wish there are more stores here in NZ ..... everytime i look for a bag i cant find it here !! have to go overseas to get it (now i know why my husband moved us here instead of staying in Sydney i won't be able to shop so much :sick: )

    thanks again ~
  8. Twinkie - Chanel in Sydney is a large boutique with loads of different style bags, I was in there 3 weeks ago (wish I was there now) and it
    was like a feast of goodies for me. I'm not sure if they had a re-issue
    but they certainly did in Dubai- I'm not sure if branches can get stock from each other or if they operate independantly, but if you know what you want you can always ring and ask them to post it to you.:idea:
  9. Good luck, twinkie. I hope you get your reissue soon -- the new ones should definitely be coming out shortly.
  10. just checked with the Chanel boutique in Sydney, the re-issue bags are all sold out so I think i am just going to ask my friend to buy a classic style Chanel bag for me because I can't wait that long for the re-issue to come out later this year :amuse: i want my Chanel bag ASAP heheheheh......
  11. Did you ask the Sydney store if they would check out the Dubai store for a reissue, they certainly did have one because I discussed it with the very handsome male SA there, and this was quite recently.