First-time care of a BV?

  1. hi everyone,
    do you spray leather protector on your brand-new BV prior to first-time use?

    would sure appreciate some advice!:confused1:
  2. If I lived in an area that got a lot of rain or snow I would spray, otherwise no. I don't think you need to worry about putting anything on before you take it out for the first time- protectant spray can be put on anytime. Take your BV out and enjoy!
  3. I did as it's rainung a lot and snowing in winter. I used Collonil leather protectant spray and carried my ball bag through the whole winter and she still looks fine.
  4. ^^ I 2nd that - and it dries so quickly there's none of that nasty waiting for more than an hour before you take your new bag for a spin!
  5. I did spray mine with Collonil Nanopro prior to using it, just because I found after handling it, it seemed to attract dirt and makeup. After spraying the bag, it was much easier to wipe off any stains that it did attract. I think it depends on how worried you are about the bag staining, and what color it is. Mine is a darker color, but for some reason, any makeup or dirt marks still show up very strongly on it.
  6. i have a wallet in ottone. do you think it should be sprayed? so far it looks fine but i would hate for it to get dirty looking.
  7. I spray mine with Cadillac Spray, very lightly and several inches away so it's a fine mist. I feel like I want that extra protection.
  8. me too. i guess a layer of protection would make me feel more comfortable about taking it out.
  9. I did... and I sprayed layers after layers for fear of dirting it...
  10. Hi, this is to BV owners in HK. Where do you buy your leather protector/cleaner for your bags?

    Can you find brands such as Collonil or others recommended in this post? If not, what do you recommend and where can I buy them? I have seen other leather cleaners here but too scared to try...
  11. I hope this is of help for your question: I didn`t find any Collonil spray, so I went to a friend who works at the local Bally boutique and had my Nappa Umbria bag sprayed with their waterproofing and protecting spray. Now, I don`t see anything at all but when I got in very light rain no spots or stains were left when the leather dried.
  12. I have not treated my bag made of nappa umbria, and have not found that water/rain leaves spots. I use it every day, rain or shine and so far no stains. I don't baby it too much, but I do make a point to be careful when it comes to hand lotions and oily foods.
  13. What spray do you use on your bag?
  14. I used Clarks protector for leather, suede, nubuck and canvas. Mine's a magnolia veneta and it doesnt changes the color at all.
  15. crabtreemeeko,

    may i ask where you got that stuff in hk?