first time buying from ebay. any cautions i should take?

  1. heyhey everyone! i am going to start bidding on eBay. but i would to know if there anyway i can protect myself from scammers? my dad is going to signed up for an eBay account on my behalf cuz i'm not 18 yet. so any useful info would be greatly appreciated.:heart:
  2. Always authenticate here first.

    Pay with a credit card.

    Pay extra for insurance.

    Best of luck... I'm so anti-eBay buying right now. :sad:
  3. i dont think i have to worry about the authenticity cuz the seller is a power seller............ right? and also one of them has a receipt.

    anymore advice?
  4. ^^^ Nooooo!! Being a Powerseller means nothing more than the fact that they've sold enough on eBay to be given that pointless badge!

    You MUST get anything you are intrested in authenticated on the correct board on here

    Make sure you use your credit card via Paypal, never make payment by any other method including bank transfer
  5. i cant use paypal cuz i'm not living in the states. i'm soo confused. i dont know anything at this point, though i've been reading horror stories from other members to know enough to try and avoid the same mistakes.
  6. Anyone can use Paypal, I'm in the UK and use it. Whereabouts are you?
  7. i'm in Singapore. That's in Asia.
  8. Then I'm pretty sure you can use Paypal, I've had payments from buyers in Singapore
  9. Actually it means that they sell a consist amount every month on ebay. To be become Power Seller you must sell a minimum of $1000 a month for three consecutive months, then you must consistantly average $1000 a month every month to maintain Power Seller status. You have to keep a 98% positive fb rating and starting July your DSR rating must stay above 4.5. There are more requirements, but those can be found on ebay.

    It doesn't mean that all power sellers are honest, but most of them work hard to make PS and maintain it.

    ALWAYS check a sellers feedback you can use to see just the negs. & nuetrals, you can also see the FB they left for their buyers....that can say a lot.

    Pay through paypal with a credit card (if possible). Most sellers will only ship to buyers who use paypal if they have a confirmed address.

    Get the items authenticated before you bid. Ask any questions before you bid.

    Make sure you know the shipping costs before you bid.

    And make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the auction so there are no surprises.

    Good luck on ebay!
  10. Don't.
  11. LOL... I was think of writing a similair reponse, but then I thought I shouldnt discourage a new enthusiastic eBuyer :lol:
  12. Whilst this is factually correct, I'm a powerseller, it does not make any seller utterly trustworthy. The point I was making to the OP was that you need to show extreme caution when dealing with ANY eBay seller regardless of being a PS or not
  13. thanks so much for all your advice and concern guys :smile: :heart:
  14. Hope you find something great on eBay but just make sure anything you find is authenticated before you buy it and be cautious :smile:
  15. My Tips
    • Make sure to get any designer purse authenticated on TPF
    • Pay with a credit card from paypal
    • Read the feedback of the seller very carefully. Do they sell a lot of the same item? Beware of a somewhat new seller who sells very cheap items like gadgets with glowing feedback who suddenly sells a very high end item (trick for those to build feedback, then start scamming unsuspecting buyers)
    • How long have they been selling? Most sellers with an excellent track record (99% +) and several years behind them are less likely to scam.

    Buying on EBAY is risky but in 4 years as a seller and buyer, and over 618 transactions. I've only had about 3 bad experiences (non receipt of items) and got my money back because I paid through paypal.

    I owe my lovely Coach and Hello Kitty collections to EBAY. :woohoo: Good luck.