First time buying a second bag...and my second Chloe!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I bought my first Chloe back in September -- the Marcie hobo in Ash. I love her so much that I decided to purchase another Marcie, my second Chloe ever, as a birthday present to myself! :smile:

    Here she is...the medium Marcie satchel in tan! She's a lot larger than I thought, but perfect because I can carry a folder, notebook, and my iPad. :biggrin:

    Thanks for letting me share!
    photo(2).JPG photo(3).JPG photo4.JPG photo.JPG
  2. she is gorgeous...congrats!
  3. Love. Adore the color.

    Marcies are on my wish list, enjoy!!
  4. Lovely color! I didn't realize the medium could fit so much!
  5. Oh my. She's beautiful!
  6. Thanks for the compliments!

    Addy - I was also really surprised by how much the medium satchel fits! I thought that it would be a horizontal version of the hobo! I'm glad that I didn't get a large because I think it would have been really overwhelming for me since I'm only 5'3" on a good day.
  7. Wow!! Love it!! Tan/caramel color is my favorite Chloe bag color. I also love the Marcie in skin. The medium satchel is a good size - it is not as small as you would think.

    Congrats & enjoy!
  8. Love it! Congratulations. Gorgeous bag!
  9. Congrats!!!! It is a stunning bag!!!! Enjoy your Marcie!!! Definitely on my wish list!!!
  10. congrats, is lovely
  11. she's a perfection! Love!
  12. Thanks for the lovely compliments! I just realized how orange the pictures turned out -- the tan is more muted and it is a great pop of color over my black winter coat.
  13. Oh, my caramel paraty has orange undertones too, but I would not change a thing. It is such a beautiful warm color in real life, so I love that! Your bag color is my favorite!
  14. I just received my Marcie Ash today and I'm getting an Ipad for my birthday. I never would have thought that the ipad would fit, that's great to know!
  15. I just looked at your photos, your Marcie is beautiful!! I had to laugh, we both have two marcies, both have a birthday soon (mine is the 11th) and I have the same mbmj wallet!
    Enjoy your new bag!!