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  1. I realize that I'm really late in the game, but I recently fell in love with the Rogue bag and want to buy on ASAP.
    They're currently sold out in the coach site but they do have some left in the coach outlet.....the only problem is that they only have the quilting style in oxblood. While I don't mind the color and the quilting style, I wonder if it's best to stick with the glovetanned leather for the first one? Apparently once the stores re-open I'll be able to put in a custom order for the color I want. Buy the quilting now at discount price or wait and buy it in glovetanned leather at full price? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. I prefer the pebbled leather. Not sure what size you were considering but did you see the oxblood with prairie rivets as it is in stock?. Check out the ‘found order’ thread in case you are not familiar and hopefully the bag you are interested is still available. Also you never know what bags coach are holding on too. One day they are sold out then they magically appear at the outlets or on the FOS. If you review the coach online outlet thread you might also find that some bags do not come in good shape. It is a chance that we take. And as far as we have been told, Coach has discontinued manufacturing rogue bags...

  3. Are you able to shop online at the Coach outlet? It used to be by invitation only, but I am not sure if it's still that way. There are a few of the pebbled leather ones left on that site if you would rather have that than the quilted. I personally would wait for what I really want, but it would be hard to pay full price for one when they have been discounted so much lately. Have you seen one in person and know that you really like it? I'm not sure how the custom orders work as far as returns. It is a beautiful bag, but I found the handles and the shoulder strap too cumbersome because the top handles fold in when you use the shoulder strap which can get in the way. It is a very popular style, though, so I may be the odd woman out, LOL.
  4. Hi! I'm just browsing through the outlet site right now and all pebbled ones are sold out! Are you able to see ones that are not?
  5. Oh I did not know that about coach outlet bags being out of shape....that's good to know thank you!
  6. Enter ‘rogue’ in search window then sort with ‘inventory high to low’ is your best bet. There are still some pebble leather available.
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  7. Some come packaged well and new and other well...I have had good experience for the most part
  8. I did see a few right before I posted. I don't remember which colors were available, but I did see a grey one that I could put in my cart if I wanted to.
  9. Update - suggest to call to confirm if item is still in inventory before ordering. Seems there is a problem with available inventory advertised on Just spoke with a rep...
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    Note that I provided feedback regarding the website so it looks like they updated it. Would love to see ‘sold out’ on the initial screen so doing the inventory search is best approach
  11. OMG THANK YOU! I already ordered dark turquoise but going to order this as well to compare. I am also suddenly very drawn to the black quilting as well....

    Also 100% agree on being able to see "Sold out" without having to click on the item...would help so much :sad:
  12. I have the Quilting rivets in the 25 and do love it - tpfers call the color peanut butter :smile:

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  13. I had the black quilted one and have 6 other of the regular 30 size. The quilted one is much lighter in weight than the pebbled leather ones. It is pretty but for me it didn't fit my style and was a tad too "fancy" for my daily casual wear.
  14. That's good to hear - I was actually worried that quilted one might be heavier because of the rivets. Did you find that because it's lambskin it got damaged easily?
  15. I wish I was able to get the 25 in quilting!