First Time buying a Hermes

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May 16, 2010
Happy New Year everyone :cool:

I have been wanting to buy a Hermes bag but have heard many horror stories about the SA. However I was prowling on the forums here and was surprised to find out that not everyone have had bad experiences.

I live in Houston, Texas and there is a Hermes boutique down the street from where I live. I want to buy one, not necessarily a Birkin. Maybe just a regular Kelly. My question is.....drum roll

1. Do I need to be a Regular Hermes Buyer to even buy my 1st Hermes?
2. Do I need to call ahead and set up an appointment? I hate it when I walk in to a store, have cash ready, and still get treated like dirt, especially by SAs who are in reality only Employees of the STore. I can't understand why someone who is a SAs have to be snooty? They are there to sell. Might as well do their job right.

3. How do you pay when you buy a Hermes. I have cut out all my credit cards to be a good girl so all I have is a Debit Card which is literally my Checking Account. But Debit Cards have a low spending daily limit.
I have a check of course but I'm not sure if they accept checks.

so guys.....share your Hermes story please. Especially about the SAs.

Not open for further replies.