First Time Buyer's coupon at Revolve

  1. I just used it on a sale Sloane and got it for $236!!!!!

    Thought I'd share. :yahoo:
  2. Wooo hooo! Great deal!
  3. Wow! What a price! What color did you get?

    I already bought my Maria for 30% off last year so I can indulge...Boohoo.
  4. I got it in Honey. I think it'll be great for the rest of the season. :yes:
  5. Wow, great buy. Aren't you the smart shopper? Congratulations on your new Kooba Sloan. (love the Honey color, too)
  6. Grace, that is a great deal!:yahoo::yahoo: Be sure to post pics for us to drool over when you get it (colour looks lovely).
  7. Just checked Revolve Clothing and they ship any order over $100 to Aussie free!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I just tried to use the coupon code on the Lena and it wouldn't accept it.:crybaby:

    Maybe it's for the best. I shouldn't be buying another Kooba now.
  9. congrats! i bought my first kooba fr revolve using the code on a carla that was on sale too n got a great deal. i also love the fact that shipping is free, even for international customers as I don't live in the US either. :smile:
  10. What a good deal Grace! Please share pictures when your new Kooba comes!
  11. I hope to be able to use this code soon as well, great deal Grace!
  12. I have just checked Revolve out and with the 30% coupon plus free shipping offer, I can get a metallic brown Maria for $177.10.
    I toyed with the idea of buying it, but I dont really like the metallic colour so there is no point me getting it just for the sake of there?
  13. If you want a Maria I'd hang out on eBay and try to find a reasonable deal on a terraine. It's fabulous sturdy soft distressed leather. That Metallic brown just is so Blah to me.

  14. Yep I agree. I spotted a Terraine Maria on eBay with 2 days to go. Its currently at $140-ish so its worth watching. I do love the Terraine colour. Is the leather smooshy?
  15. how do you get the 1st time buyer discount? :smile: im kinda sorta eyeing the Nicole in Black
    (but 1st i have to find out why lexie isnt keeping hers cause if its the leather problem,,, then NO WAY!)

    but either way how do you get the discount :smile: THANKS!