First Time Buyer

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  1. Hi fellow purse lovers!! I am currently weighing pros and cons of two styles...the Speedy 30 and Papillon 30. Any and all feedback regarding these two bags is appreciated :smile: Thank you in advance :smile:
  2. I don't own either, but based on my purse forum experience, the speedy is the more popular bag on here!
  3. It depends upon how you want to use it.
    Speedy is popular because I feel it can be used a daily/work purse and if it is small enough, and has enough charms, might be able to pass off as a evening purse too (speedy 25 for instance).
    Papillon- I have some women use it as daily/work bags or dinner purse as well.
    If you are buying the Speedy, and not the Speedy B, then you have to carry it, instead of the Papillon which can be worn on the shoulder.

    It really depends upon what you want to use it for and how you want to carry it.
    I had the same question a long time ago, and I went with Speedy because it is multifunctional. If you are spending so much on a purse, you might as well use it for a variety of purposes :smile:
  4. I vote speedy. I had the papillon and it just didn't work for me. Shape wise and how to reach it was awkward. They did revamp the papillon with longer straps, but I'm still not sold. Speedy all the way!
  5. Hi
    I am also a first time buyer also. I feel the speedy is more versatile. it seems to hold a lot without looking bulky. if you get the speedy with strap it can be worn in a variety of styles. I feel the Papillion is an add on bag, if you know what I mean, get the more roomy bag that can be worn different ways first then get one that you just like the look of. that's how I look at it anyway. Thanks
  6. Between the two, speedy for sure. I was considering the papillon but did not get it eventually. Go to the store and try it on. That way you will make the right choice
  7. Thanks for your wisdom, ladies! I have one posted for made my decision easier :smile: #Firstworldproblems
  8. Before buying preloved, especially if this is your first LV purchase, then go and browse in a store and see what takes your eye then try them on and see what works for you.

    I've been buying LV for over 20 years and have never been smitten with the Speedy (bought a multicolore one once but soon sold it) - it just doesn't work for me. I appreciate I am in the minority but nothing worse than being disappointed with your purchase or having a bag that just doesn't work for you - especially when it's your first purchase.
  9. I agree with Vernis-lover. I've purchased bags I thought I'd love then once I received it..I hated it because it was a lot bigger or smaller then expected for what I wanted to use it for. :sad: If you don't live close to a Louis Vuitton store you can search photos on this forum with how they look as well as look while wearing. I'd also do a pro and con list when I am stuck between two different bags. Good luck and Congrats on your first purchase. :smile:
  10. I would say a speedy. As my first lv purchase, I was considering the 2 too, if u were to buy preowned, the papillon costs cheaper than the speedy but also when u wanna resell it will be harder than the speedy.
    Most of my friends and family said the papillon looks "weird"
  11. Another vote for speedy, it's such a classic and you can't go wrong whit that :smile:
  12. Well, if you go for one which is more beautiful, i would say the speedy...especially the damier ebene...this would look good for formal events but I do see people using this on the malls...sometimes though i feel like the speedy 30 is too big for me..its like im going out of town or something......but for comfort, i would say the could go around doing your shopping hands free...i think though that the speedy ages better than the papillon...
  13. I don't like the papillon, speedy looks much better to me. You should consider the speedy b you, have so many more options with the speedy b trust me one day you will thank God for having that strap
  14. +1

    But I think previous poster gives very good advice about going to the store first and taking a look. My first bag was a speedy too. Still love her and will probably never sell her, but I don't use her that much. I found out that other styles better matched my lifestyle. Better to wait a bit and be sure!
    Let us know what you got!

    Enjoy looking for " your first" , that happens only once:biggrin:!
  15. I have a Speedy and I see at least a few other Speedys and other styles every day - but I've never seen a Papillon in real life so that makes me think the Speedy is much more popular. I agree with those who say you should go to LV and try them on if you can (even if you aren't going to buy a new one) to be sure of the style and size that will work for you. Even pre-loved prices are too high for it to end up being something you won't use a lot.