first time buyer, need advice


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Nov 23, 2009

Was just wondering if any of you have been to the Shepperton Mallet factory shop and whether it's worth a trip. Do they have a wide range? Can you get the 'classic' mulberry bags there? I'm looking to buy my first mulberry and am thinking about getting a bays or e/w bays in chocolate or oak (does anyone have any advice on what I should go for- how well do the different colours/ shapes 'age' for people who've had theirs for a while?). I would be open to getting a bays in a different 'seasonal' colour maybe...

Also was wondering how well these bags hold their value. for people who've re-sold bags how much did you get for them?


Jan 24, 2007

Shepton Mallet is well worth a trip. They tend to sell end of season bags, outlet specials made specifically for the outlet and there will often be a few current season faulty bags. If you take a look in the 'shopping section' there is an outlet thread where people have posted current stock. If you are looking for something specific it's probably worth phoning beforehand.
Oak natural veg tanned (NVT) bags tend to patina and become darker/ shiny but are prone to rainmarks. The chocolate NVT bags become a beautiful dark glossy bitter chocolate colour with age/use.
Hope this helps!

Edited to add that the classic styles/ colours tend to hold their value pretty well if in good condition. You could take a look at Mulberrymad on e-bay to get an idea of what second hand bags tend to go for.


Apr 9, 2007
tasha405 - Its not really appropriate for girls to discuss re-sale values - as buying and selling - itself - is not allowed within the Forum. If you are considering buying in an effort to re-sell in the future - then do check the seller which flyvetjo has mentioned.


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Jan 3, 2009
I think you have to go with what you really like rather than try to be too cerebral about it. I have been to York and Cheshire Oaks outlets and spend the last 10 minutes whirling about the shelves like a Tasmanian devil trying to find some bargain to buy. But both times I had to admit there was nothing I wanted. Even at half price some of these bags are £300s or more. I'd rather spend £600 on a bag I adore or £300 or less on a second hand bag I adore.

Before you go to SM get a really good feel for what's in the regular stores so you have something to compare. You could be lucky as a lot of the ladies are,and get a great bargain. Something with just the teeniest flaw reducing the price.
Jan 31, 2009
Hi Tasha

Shepton is a lovely experience - no doubt you'll be like a kid in a sweetshop (I certainly was the first time I went!). However, I echo what Corries says - try to keep your head & don't just buy something 'cos it's been reduced/a bargain lol!

Re the classic style/colours etc - sometimes you can fall on lucky, but it's not very often you'll get these at the outlets (you could always ring them first to check though).

Finally, if you wanted to make a day of it 'Clarks Village' is only a stone's throw away - not as designer as Bicester Village, but worth a visit.