First-time buyer from LVR


Nov 17, 2006
Dear all,

I have purchased a tan paddy from LVR last monday, I was told that LVR usually takes more time to process orders pertaining to first-time buyers. Does anyone know how much it takes on average for them to send the bag after payment date if residence is in Europe?
Don't worry sous, it is going very fast. And last time, my Chloe bag arrived ONE day. It usually goes faster when you pay per paypal. But it's X'mas time and you may have to wait a little bit langer. Good luck! :heart:
LVR was taking a while to ship out my purchase because they were awaiting the credit card co. to authorize the payment, so I changed my payment method after emailing them and getting their permission-- to paypal and I had the bag after several days (and I do not reside in Europe). You can use your credit card through paypal and the order will go through much faster... hope this helps!
I would suggest using Paypal. One time I ordered with credit card and it took almost 2 weeks to clear up the mess. Something about the banks not communicating with each other. Then I ended up paying with Paypal instead. Then I got my order within 2 days.
Thank you All for the very helpful tips!! I just called them and they confirmed that the payment has been processed successfully. At last! :P Next time, I will use paypal as you all suggested.
^ sorry to hear that, seahorse... but once you get ur package, I'm sure you will love it--esp if it was a Chloe purchase!
But I wonder why it takes so long for them... next time, if u buy from them again, use ur CC through paypal and it will be an almost immediate shipment! Keep us posted if u don't mind and let us know when u get ur item and if u love it!
sure thing mintpearl =) I'll post pics if the transaction ever goes through......
Hi seahorse, just wanted to let you know that I rec'd two boxes from LVR today - it took them about a week to ship and I'm really surprized at how quickly everything arrived after they e-mailed me with the fed ex info. Record time! I paid via Amex, and it doesn't seem that Amex slowed it down; I think that they were just overwhelmed with orders. :wlae: I still haven't rec'd a Chloe python that I ordered back in November because of the "CITES" document that is required for importing python into the US.