First time buyer forgot to put apartment number

Nov 29, 2013
I sold my MBMJ wallet to a first home buyer. Shipped it and USPS said address is undeliverable. I contacted the buyer and she said the I forgot to put her apartment number. I shipped through PayPal that had no apartment number listed. I told her to contact USPS. So now what?
Apr 15, 2007
I would contact your buyer & tell her to check her shipping address & update it with
her apartment number.

You could also forward the pp shipping info to her so that she could see for herself that
the shipping info is not correct.

Did you send this with delivery confirmation? I would call USPS to see if that package is going to be
returned to you since it is undeliverable..


Sep 21, 2013
You can also called USPS and add the apt number once you confirmed it with the buyer and it's updated on her account. I once sent out some baby clothes for my niece but put the wrong zip code so it was shipped back and forth between two zip codes until I realize it was wrong and called them to correct it. It was delivered just fine after that. Good luck!!!


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Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
It probably will be delivered just fine since most people are honest but adding the apt. # after the fact doesn't update her PP address. If her post office still has the package and will deliver it to her correct apartment, she'll get it.

She needs to update her PP address with the full apt. # so this doesn't happen again.


Mar 9, 2012
Thanks everyone! I guess she went to the post office and got the package.
I had a buyer forget to include her apartment number, the package was returned to me. I think a lot would depend on the mailman and how well they know the complex, and the number of apartments in the complex. And geographic location.

Mine went to LA - it didn't have much chance. :P