First time buyer code for Revolve?

  1. Can anyone tell me what the 30% off your first purchase code for is? I had it saved somewhere but I can't find it now. TIA! ;)
  2. I think I found it- can anyone tell me if this looks like the right one?


  3. I know 20% code..JT
  4. Thank you ladies! :biggrin: Does anyone know if their codes work for sale items?
  5. pretty sure they do
  6. I used it for a sale item back in Dec and it worked.
  7. Awesome! Thanks!!! :graucho:
  8. After you clicked on the link and entered your email address did you get an email with the coupon code? I did this several weeks ago, and never got a code in the mail (or any email from them at all).

    I contacted them and they said that I could just place an order and then email them and they'd take the amount off, but I have to admit that I'd prefer to see the discount before submitting an order, just in case...
  9. Dev, did you check your junk email folder? That's where my coupon code ended up.
  10. i signed up on revolve the other day but didnt get a code, only a welcome email saying i've been entered into some shopping sweep draw. but i signed up again using the link on reesycakes n got a code, which i just used n i think it works cos the discount was reflected in the invoice. now m just waiting for the payment to clear n my bag to ship... fingers crossed, hope nothing goes wrong....
  11. This is a great code but it's 15% off not 20%:smile:
    Also..I believe that they generate new customer codes individually to prevent usage by multiple buyers. One code likely won't work for anyone else once it's been used.
    However...they are currently matching GoClothing's 30% off code. Just email me them after you place the order and say you'd like a code match for "moving30". The CSR from Revolve emailed me back within 30 minutes on a Sunday to tell me that the difference had been credited back to my account. I have to say as a fellow online boutique owner...Revolve is by far the BEST online shopping experience I've found, bar none.
  12. Wow stylefly, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  13. Wait, I just went to the site- it says they have NO handbags currently in stock???!!! Is it just my computer? Ugh :sad:
  14. Odd..I got the same message but when you search by brand, they show up..