First time: Boldie or Plume?

  1. Hi!

    I need some advice for my first Hermes bag. I can’t decide between the Boldie or Plume.

    I wear Chanel, but only like simple, understand pieces. Hate too much hardware, bilng and logos. I also wear clothing that is much more expensive than my peers, so need the bag to be understated.

    I have a soft slouchy 37 Bolide on hold for the rest of today, but see that timeless pieces also has one for a BIN price of 3,999.

    Any advice?

  2. Hello and welcome, Kittenhead! You can't go wrong with either and I completely understand your concerns. One thing I love about both bags is the easy accessibility to the contents but the Bolide maintains its "look" better than the Plume when completely unzipped. I can leave my Bolide unzipped and it still looks polished. I also like how the Bolide zips/unzips smoothly; with the Plume, you have 2 angles to worry about, KWIM? I prefer the interior to Plumes, however, since it's made of goatskin.

    BTW, timeless pieces is a great eBay seller. I've purchased from her many times with no problem.
  3. Well, Timeless Pieces only sell the real deal so you have no worries there....and the price is pretty good for a 37cm.

    I love the Bolide over the Plume (UNLESS it's the Plume Elan GM) which I think is a tad too boxy for my taste. The Bolide is classic, can't go wrong with one!!! Understated and chic. Beautiful!
  4. I love the bolides *-* I think plumes are too boxy; they kinda look like cosmetic totes to me :s
  5. I love both but I'd choose the Bolide. :love:
  6. I vote for the Bolide too...nicer smoother shape.
  7. I think the Plume is very chic but prefer the Bolide for these reasons:
    Sizes are better - 31cm or 37cm are very workable for me
    Has the option of a shoulder strap
    Comes with lock/clochette - which is always fun
    Same thing 24 said about being able to wear it unzipped
  8. I have both and love both..the plume is LIGHT to carry!!! And I do love the handles the way they can lie facing down flat if that makes sense! No shoulder strap but I don't use can't go wrong either way...but whichever way you MUST post pics please!!!
  9. Kittenhead, I'm assuming you cannot get to the store to try on either style?

    OK, then, go for the Bolide from TP..... the one from Timeless Pieces is a mou style and a 37cm which will be a nice size bag. I have a black clemence mou Bolide but it's a 31cm. I don't feel the 37 would be too large either.

    I don't feel you can go wrong with this pretty Bolide and the price is right.

    Just my opinions.....what are *you* thinking?
  10. i love both but i think for your first i would go for a bolide as it may be a little more versatile? I'm picking up a 37 potiron tomorrow am very excited:yahoo:
  11. Tuff choice but, I would go for the Bolide!

  12. Same here.:yes:
  13. I chose the 37cm bolide as my first bag. Not only is there a long history behind the bag but it is a super functional and easy to carry bag. With that said I am lusting over a plume I saw in the display case.......
  14. This is fab advice. I think that I am going to do the Bolide, for the reasons listed above, and bc my gut tells me it is the right one.

    I love what Faubourg said about it looking great unzipped. I was having my hair done yesterday and I saw a woman leaning back to have hear hair shampooed and rinsed. Her bag was sitting open on her lap and it looked like an absolute jewel box.

    Thanks and I’ll let you all know how it goes.

  15. love the bolide more... the straps can come in very handy....