First time birkin spotting on shelf!!!

  1. Hi Girls,

    I'm justing on my trip in the big apple today and visited the Wall street Hermes store around 5:00pm, guest what I saw on the display shelf.................:graucho:
    Birkin 35 in Fjord Calf, Burgandy color!
    Anyone interested can give it a try tomorrow, it might still be there...........
    good luck!!:tup:

    also there's a HAC 28 Havane Evercalf and a HAC 50 in Orange Epsom
  2. Pretty neat...maybe it was a rouge H???
  3. I really have to visit the Wall Street store. I'm always hearing about Birkin sightings at the store!!
  4. Wallstreet ! ... wow .
  5. yes, after reading so much here - reckon wall street is THE store!

    my non-HLH gf knew i loved hermes so when she was in NY on vacation in dec, she snapped a photo infront of hermes shop & i spotted an orange 35cm birkin displayed inside the shop - & i immediately guessed the location right, it was the wall street store!
  6. Oh My GOSH I HOPE SOME TPFer Grabs her so we can get a reveal!:graucho:
  7. Did you get it for yourself Pretty?
  8. so did any of you lucky tpf ladies pick up the bag mentioned above? hehehe
  9. no lah, not this time, it's a 35 too small for me and color is not right for me:sad:
    but I went to the Madison store today and I saw another one!!!!!!
    a Rose Dragee Birkin 35 Swift on display (but it kind of hid at a corner, that's why maybe not too many people saw it)!!
    I had no idea what happened in NYC, maybe everyone had their dream birkins already or the girls all tied up in the stock market right now?!?!?! Well well, i will be going to LA tomorrow, I'll keep you guys posted if anything else great came up:p
  10. omg Rose Dragee Birkin 35 Swift! does Madison ship??!!!
  11. i'm in Los Angeles right now, very sunny and guess what another birkin is on the shelf available for purchase!!
    this time is a black togo in 30, golden hardware, hmmmm really wonder how come there's so many birkins in the states this time......
  12. Pretty99, can you come along and be my good luck charm next time I'm Birkin shopping? =)
  13. wow, you are one lucky girl! you're spotting the elusive birkin everywhere you go! interesting you should see on in LA. someone was just asking recently how often is a birkin spotted on the shelfs in the beverly hills store.
  14. I think I saw a Rouge H Birkin 30 on the shelf in Charlotte last night. I was walking by and they were having a private event so I didn't go in but saw one on the top self...
  15. WOW! pretty, you really have alot of Hermes luck! I think another TPFer was just asking whether it is possible to score a Birkin in Beverly Hills!