First time at Gucci... a haul!

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  1. Hi!
    So this weekend I shopped at Gucci for the first time.. And this is also my first time posting in the Gucci forum. So, hello everyone!
    Anyone wanna see what I got? 16-06-21-00-05-14-794_deco.jpg
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  2. That's a haul, alright! :coolio:
  3. Yes!!!
  4. Okay here we go..... 16-06-21-00-06-08-442_deco.jpg
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  5. :nuts:
    Go for it! :eek:
  6. Ohhh excited to see [emoji7]
  7. Let's start with the smallest!
    Packaged in the beautiful Tian packaging :heart: I'm in love!

    Tian GG Supreme key case/zip card holder 16-06-21-00-07-04-917_deco copy.jpg 16-06-21-00-07-41-584_deco copy.jpg 16-06-21-00-08-06-675_deco copy.jpg
  8. Open!!!!
  9. Second box...
  10. Love the little case- can't wait to see more!! Woohooo!
  11. So actually I had my eye on the Dionysus WOC in pink bloom.. but it was sold out in the 2 boutiques in my city. (They had blue though, but I wasn't in love)


    This little red number caught my eye though!

    Signature mini bag
    16-06-21-00-09-04-800_deco copy.jpg 16-06-21-00-09-25-036_deco copy.jpg
  12. Without further ado... the last box!

  13. Last one! GG Supreme small boston with Hibiscus (red) and pink leather trim
    16-06-21-00-11-18-104_deco copy.jpg

    Thanks everyone for looking! That's all for my first ever Gucci haul! :wave: :wave:
  14. Lovely haul....I especially like your Tian coin purse. Congrats!!! :heart:
  15. Wow awesome haul. Congrats!!

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