First Tiffany jewelry: my "school ring"!

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post in the jewelry subforum. :smile:

    I recently finished school with my masters, and I have never liked school rings. I'm a minimalist: I only wear silver and almost never wear jems. My mom suggested I pick out a piece of jewelry to commemorate my graduation and this is what I found!

    I had seen online that Frank Gehry had done some designs for Tiffany, and I was really excited because I love art and architecture. I instantly fell in love with this ring, the Torque ring (wide) in brushed sterling silver. It's everything I love with nothing of what I usually see from Tiffany's. (No hearts, diamonds, or logos -- hurrah! This is the most "me" piece I've seen in a long time.)

    While I love the design on its own, there's also a bit of a private joke to it. My masters is in digital media, and for my thesis I created a 3D computer game. The game engine I worked on top of is called Torque, and I worked and presented it using my Apple laptops (first a Powerbook and then a Macbook Pro), both of which have a similar brushed aluminum texture.

    I'm wearing it right now and very happy with how it looks -- it's a great piece for everyday to remind me of all the work I did. I'm a native NYC girl, but this was my first time in the Fifth Ave. store, and I had a lovely afternoon going to pick it up with my boyfriend. Hope you enjoy the photos, I haven't had an excuse to use the macro lens on my camera in a while. :smile:
    DSC_10626.jpg DSC_10646.jpg DSC_10643.jpg DSC_10687.jpg
  2. that ring is beautiful!!! congratulations!

    your masters also sounds very interesting. :smile:
  3. Beautiful new ring! Congrats!!!
  4. ooh congrats! It's pretty!
  5. What a beautiful ring!!

    Congrats on getting your masters:tup:
  6. It is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  7. hey, congrats to so many things. geez, where to start? it's already a great big accomplishment for your masters. congrats to that! and it's very very special to have your first piece of tiffany...and it's a worth while story behind that too. I'm glad you had a lovely time with your boyfriend while picking it up. Frank Gehry has some very neat, unique, and creative designs. horray for your new pieces and good luck with your future!!! :smile: hopefully more tiffany to come too!!
  8. You got long fingers, the ring looks great on you!!
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. congrats!
  11. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. :smile:
    azia: My thesis work was pretty crazy: a computer game used as an art installation containing a non-linear auto-biographical narrative. Basically, the player is free to wander around a series of landscapes and pick up "postcards" with photographs and messages I've scattered around. One of these days I'll finally put some video and screenshots up on my portfolio, but it was an emotionally draining project and I still don't have enough distance from it to be objective.

    aquablueness: Thank you so much, you are so sweet. :smile:

    ducky112: Aww, yay! I've always thought I have really short fingers. When I was learning to play the piano, my teacher would not believe that I couldn't reach across a whole octave to play a chord until I put my hand down and showed her that my tiny hands just didn't stretch that far! :lol:
  12. it's absolutely beautiful on you! wow that ring seems like it was a match made in heaven just for you!

    congrats on your masters and your gorgeous new tiffany's!
  13. Congrats to you! I hope you will wear your ring with pride!
    I love the Gehry designs too. I have the large silver orchid earrings. :smile:
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats! I can't wait to start and finish my master's!!!!!
  15. Beautiful ring. Congrats.