First Thread! First Prada! First Reveal!

  1. Thank you so much Mr Pyro!!! :smile:
    I imagine this style to really look good on him. Want him to have designer bags too even if he is not really into designer brands :smile:

    love love love :smile: thanks again! :smile:
  2. You're welcome! I think this is a good bag for people who are not really into designer brands also because it is a classic and simple bag, and not one of those colourful designs that are usually associated with designer bags!
  3. True! just went to the Prada stire here in the Philippines but unfortunately they dont have ine in stock for that style. Looking into online sellers in the Phils too but mostly the Pradas theyre selling are for ladies. Ill ask my bestfriend who is currently in vacation in Italy now to check since thats where Prada originated from :smile:

    Want it sooo much :smile:
  4. Good luck getting that bag!!
  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. very practical and functional bag! i like all the compartments! congrats!
  7. nice!!
  8. Cool everyday bag! congrats!