First Thread Ever: Monogram Vernis Questions

  1. It is so much fun to have a place to share Louis Vuitton obsessions! I am considering a new bag from the Monogram Vernis collection, possibly the Houston.

    Could you please tell me if this material is durable for everyday use. Also, do certain colors wear better than others.

    I have been carrying a Monogram Hudson GM with the short strap for over two years. I am ready for a change. The other bag I am considering is a Trevi PM when they become available again.

    I want a shoulder bag that has a zipper closure, mid size. I wear alot of brown clothing.

    Please share your suggestions. Thank you!
  2. How about the new Bellvue in Pomme D'Amour? It's a tote that comes in 2 sizes. The larger one can fit over the shoulder and the small is handheld. The red color would go with brown very well.
  3. Tough one because I love the Trevi. I only have a vernis cles so I'm not much help but I hear that the darker vernis colors hold up well. I wanted to get a bag in Vernis before but the SA's at LV told me that they are not really an everyday bag and are prone to color transfers but then tpfers use them all the time. Personally, I would buy the Trevi and get a vernis cles.
  4. Welcome to the PF!! The vernis holds up very well, especially the darker colors. It wipes clean with a damp cloth. The lighter colors like the pearl and the older pink and green can get color transfer if you were to put them against something darker like a printed page. Also, the lighter colors could get a little sun discoloration. Most of the new colors are darker though and you won't see these problems. I've had most of the dark colors and no problems at all!
  5. welcome to TPF and congrats for your first thread!
    vernis is ok as an everyday bag if you take a dark color IMO. light colors need to be very careful.
  6. I have the Vernis Summit Drive in Amarante and carry it often. I've had mine since last August and she still looks brand new! IMO if you stick with a darker color, you'll LVOE Vernis! So far, it's my very favorite! Hope this helps!:smile:
  7. Bellvue in Pomme D'Amour
  8. welcome if u wear brown ur best off with a darker colour i reccomend armarnte(best colour) i think its a sensitive material but so beautiful
  9. Welcome to tpf, Respectasale! I can't help you much with this question, 'tho I did order an amarante cles last night from elux... 'cause you made me think about the price increase! So, you'll see a sample soon enough. ;)
  10. I find the vernis rather durable. Yes, it's delicate and scratches will show well, but it's easy to keep clean. The biggest hazard is discolouration, but with the current colours violette, pommed'amour and amarante, it's not a probem at all. Go for it!
  11. i have two pomme accessories (agenda and cles) and i love them! both i carry everyday and they are in and out of my bags, messenger for school, etc, and both look amazing. i have not experienced any color xfr or scratching, just fingerprints once in awhile, but i just wipe those away. i love the pomme and recommend it, but amarante is gorgeous as well! good luck w/ your choice!
  12. This mirrors my sentiment exactly!