First Thread and Im ranting about CS at Louis Vuitton

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  1. Hi everyone, first off Id like to say hi to everyone. Everyone has been great on the forum and has been really helpful with my questions via pms etc. Thank you! :yahoo:

    Now onto my rant... This is my first thread but unfortunately its not a happy one. I apologize in advance.

    I placed my first order for LV last Friday with LV Portland. The SA was truly a sweet heart. She placed a hold a Speedy Azur 30 and offered to send them to Seattle LV for me. Im from Vancouver, Canada and it was really sweet of her to offer me with the option of having to pick up the bag closer to home. However, I had to pay $20 for shipping and it should take 3 days to get to Seattle. So the order was placed on Fri and the SA assured me that the bag will be in seattle by Wednesday. So weds came along, I got my poor bf to drive 2.5 hours to Seattle. He got there and asked for my bag but the SAs at the store had no clue what he was talking about and had no information about my purchase. He was frustrated, drove another 2.5 hours home and came home to a more frustrated gf :graucho:... So of course I was upset. I called 1866 vuitton this morning and the lady over the phone was really nice. However when she got a hold of the seattle store, they once again told her they had no info.... Of course at this time, I'm freaking out since I did give someone all my CC information and since it was my first time buying something this expensive over the phone. I wasn't feeling too well.... :confused1: Finally they gave me an answer, I spoke to the SA from seattle and they located my bag and told me that it'll be at the store today at 4pm. Of course I was :cursing:, I was promised Weds and now it's in Seattle in the late afternooon!!! The Seattle SA wasn't really helpful, in fact, she was impatient and not interested. I guess I can't blame her since she's not making and sales from me. She told me bluntly that if I wanted to complain about the shipping , I should call the SA in Portland because HER job is simply receive the bag....

    I got off the phone, still feeling crappy, called the SA in Portland, she was extremely apologetic. She said she's emailed them the info on Fri and was suprised that they were with my order.... She didn't really offer to do anything until i told her that I wasn't pleased with what's happened. She did in the end offer to credit me the $20 shipping fee but I can tell from her voice she wasn't too pleased either.... Apparently only the manager can offer a credit and today is one of those days when she's not around. So..I'll be waiting for the manager's call tomz...

    I don't really know how I'm feeling right now.. I'm not really happy.. I've heard such great things about LV and their SAs and now having experience this crappiness.. bah... I feel like they should be doing more to make me feel better hahaha. Maybe I should ask for a gift or something when the manager calls... lol.. but again... I wouldn't know what to say.. I really want the MC bookmark though..

    End of rant. Thanks for hearing me out guys!
  2. i'm sorry your first experience wasn't great. but don't let that deter you from buying future LV. i don't think you should outright ask for a gift. but if it were me the refund on shipping and a lot of apologizing (lol) is enough compensation.

    just a question though: howcome it was sent to seattle LV instead of your home?:shrugs:
  3. Hi caley, I didn't want it to be sent to my home because Canadian customs charges will kill me! Besides, I do go down to Seattle sometimes for shopping.

    Oo no no, I wasn't going to ask for a present. I acutually didn't even think about it until after I talked to a gf about it.... The thing is though, the SA weren't too happy with my complain about the shipping. The second SA was better but she didn't sound to pleasant when she offered me the refund... She said sorry and all but ya know... I didn't really feel like she's genuine ya know.. it's complicated... It was more like a yeah take ur refund and go kinda thing... I'm just so shocked that they would have had such miscomunications between the two stores.
  4. hmmmmmmm........... I hope you get your bag soon

    :love: Ahhh Azur! LOVELY! Congrats in advance!!!
  5. Awww... I hope your next LV experience is better than this one. :heart:
  6. jd_beans: i hope i didn't come off as accusatory or anything like that. i completely understand why you chose seattle. i totally forgot about customs! eesh. and i totally understand when SAs just give you the brush off. i hope the manager more than makes up for their mistake.

    i hate how sometimes SAs are a hit or miss. but its really nice when you find the right one who treats you like a VIP :smile:

  7. Oh nonono, I didn't think you come off accusatory:okay:. Yeah customs can be quite expensive! I'm just gonna go get the bag in Seattle, unpack it and use it right away... hehe and of course sneak it over the border like I've had it from before :graucho::graucho::graucho:..

    Thanks you guys! I don't think the SAs will stop me from buying more LVs. LVs are addictive on its own! However, it will be the $$$ factor... gotta make sure i don't go out of control :yes:
  8. its always best to call in advance and double check. never assume anything. SAs are human too and are also prone to mistakes and miscommunications just like you and me ;)
  9. That was a bad experience esp. with 5 hours of driving involved....Sorry for the hassle!
  10. Hope you get your bag and some resolution.
  11. Sorry to hear your story. I've dealt with some SAs in LV Portland. Some of them are unprofessional so I am not surprised. The only plus with that boutique is that its in a sales tax free state. I just get what I want and go. I don't know why they shipped it and charged you. They should just do it for free. I've never heard of them charging for shipping products between stores esp if THEY offer to do it. I guess it does happen...
  12. My main boutique is the one in Portland and I have never had any issues with them. I am really sorry this happened to you!
  13. that sucks. and, it happens.
    i always ship to my house.
    if i am willing to spend that much to begin with, i am willing to spend between 10 and 20 more to have it safely delivered to my doorstep.
  14. Thanks everyone for your kind words.

    deluxeduck: I know I should call first before I go but it is my first time getting something shipped to a store and I was reassured by the SA that it'll get there by weds. She actually gave me the $10 and $20 shipping option, I picked the $20 so that it'll get there by weds. So I thought it should be fine. She promise me Weds and I took her words for it. :sad: I'll definately call them first, lesson learned hehehe.

    photoobsessive: Aww I wish I can get it shipped to my house. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing Mr. Mailman with a parcel ;). Living across the border has its down.... I'm not too sure how much customs will be if I got my speedy sent here, maybe a couple hundreds? :S I can't imagine.
  15. You have a right to be upset. The whole thing is just sucky. I am sorry it happened to you. Please let us know when you get the bag. Hope we see you around here in the future - most of the time things work out better than what you had to go through.