First....This is Anthra right???

  1. IMG_2312_resize.JPG
  2. I sent a message to the seller via eBay and asked her about it. She felt it was marine. She's a member here too. Nice gal! A marine first is my HG bag at the moment. But it has to wait... I have other committments to take care of!
  3. hehe- so is it Marine then?
  4. Well... I'm not an expert AT ALL! I just got into bbags so I speak with no authority on the subject! But I did think the same as you, that it's anthracite and so did some friends that I discussed it with. But the seller believed it was marine and said that this color didn't have the chameleon qualities that antracite had. So, perhaps it's just the lighting? If one were fine with either antracite or marine then it'd be no biggie to go for it but if one had their heart set on one particular color and this turned out not to be it, well, it may not be worth the risk. KWIM? Sorry if I'm not so helpful! And maybe the seller will see this thread tomorrow and chime in!
  5. Looks kinda like my anthracite... but pictures and things IRL look different sometimes
  6. is there no tag to refer to? as tPFers we'd be able to cross reference easily.
  7. "M" this looks like anthra to me... I'm 99.9% sure from the pics... I can see the teal blue in the anthra...
  8. Sure looks like anthra. This bag picture looks like a picture I have seen in the reference threads too.
  9. It does look like Anthra, but it's hard to say for sure because that is one color that is soooo hard to photograph. I do have a really hard seeing it as being Marine, though, especially since you can see the tealish green undertones in some of the photos.
  10. Marine. The seller's a fellow PFer. ;)
  11. By the pic you posted that is Anthracite. I just got this for my SO and it looks exactly the same. The Marine looks more Saturated Deep Blue. The Anthracite has more Grey/Black/Blues in it.

  12. I have both an Anthracite and Marine and by looking at that pic I would say it's Anthracite.
  13. Thanks guys! I thought it was Anthracite!
  14. No expert here either, but I've also been taught by some wise pf'rs that if you look at the fabric on the zipper pulls, that gives you clues.

    For exp., if it was actually a black, but had faded, the zipper fabric would still be deep black. The anthra has a lighter zipper...and I don't know what the marine would have. But if you've had both, you could ask for pics and maybe tell for certain that way.
  15. Thanks M- I did ask her what color the zipper tape was- I am not an expert either- I think it is anthra, I used to have a Marine City and it was very dk BLUE, but the zipper tape was blue blue for sure.