First Tattoo at 40!

  1. I went to an ink shop with my friend who was taking her 16 year old daughter for a tattoo. Before we left last night, I had one near my left ankle and my friend had her waist done!
  2. ohhh,,i like it!
    i want some cherry blossoms.
  3. Hmm, its nice.. ;D

    I would love to get one soon... but just not yet. ;D
  4. Very nice!!!
  5. I got my first what I called "my second 21st birthday" (I was 42). I always wanted one but I never was sure exactly what I wanted. I took up the violin at 39 so that's what ended up on my ankle. Holy cow! I've had my tattoo for ten years now!! :wtf:
  6. congrats on the new tattoo!! i got my first one when i was 18 and gotten 3 more after that. its gets pretty addictive as i've wanted more after the first one. the only problem is what to get...
  7. Congrats it looks great! Welcome to your new addiction... I have 3 and want more, hehe.
  8. Cute! Just out of curiosity, do they allow minors to get tattoos with parental consent in Missouri? I ask this, because in Wisconsin, minors cannot get tattoos under any circumstances. I was just wondering if there were different laws or something...

  9. Each state has their own regulations. Here in Ohio you have to be 18. But I think there should be regulations that apply to all states.

    Congrats on the tattoo!!! Both of my parents just got there first tattoos a few years ago when they turned 50!!! It's never toooooo late for a tattoo!!!!!! :tup::yes::p:yahoo:
  10. Love it! I just got another one at 32. I have had 3 small ones since 18 and haven't gotten sick of them yet, so I got another one!
  11. That's cool! Congrats!
  12. Congrats! Welcome to your possible new addiction! Hehehehhe.
  13. Congrats...I'm 40 something too...nevr too late!! :tup:
  14. Thats nice - congratulations.

    I had my first one this year (at 35) - I'm thinking of getting another one but my hubby isn't too sure.
  15. oooh, it looks very pretty. I want a tattoo but I'm terrified though. anyway congrats :tup: